Review Commission Gorilla for Affiliate Marketers 

Available from November 9th will be what could be the next big thing for Affiliate Marketers: Commission Gorilla

Affiliate Marketers are always hunting for the holy grail. An edge to boost up those conversation rates. I came across Commission Gorilla when searching for a tool to create my coaching offer and I had the pleasure to get early access and test Commission Gorilla for you.

Commission Gorilla Review

 What is Commission Gorilla? 

Commission Gorilla is a joint project between PromoteLabs and MediaKettle. It is a SaaS platform that simplifies and automates the process of creating enticing offers and enables Affiliate Marketers to skyrocket their conversion rates and double, triple or even quadruple their commissions.

Made from Top Affiliates for Affiliates, Commission Gorilla automates and simplifies the process of standing out by adding value to your offers.

12 months of planning, developing and tweaking has gone into the creation of Commission Gorilla. As far as I am aware of there is nothing like that tool on the market. I am very skeptical when it comes to new “game changers”. As we all know most of them only change the game for the seller who takes our money.

Commission Gorilla Features

Commission Gorilla Features

Here is what Commission Gorilla will do for you:

  • Minimize workloads – create pages that convert in less time and be first on the market
  • Build a responsive list
  • Reduce operating costs 
  • SEO features
  • No programming, coding or even web pages required – Commission Gorilla will host your offers for you. Or you can download them and integrate them into your sites. WP Plugin available as well
  • Promotions post sales 
  • For Pro´s and absolute Beginners alike
  • Create high-impact bonus pages in minutes


  • No skills needed – for Affiliate Stars and bloody Beginners
  • Very inexpensive
  • Lifetime access, hosting, support and updates
  • No installation required
  • 60-day money back guarantee – basically you can do your first promos and see if your conversion rate goes up


  • Only available in English, no localized versions
  • Internet connection required


Final Verdict

What I love most about Commission Gorilla is that it helps you to get your conversion rate up by adding value. I am 100 % opposed to any shady tricks or tactics. The only right way to create a long-term successful online business is to add value and become an authority in your field. 
Commission Gorilla helps you to achieve that. 
Without any design, coding or marketing skills you can create offers and bonus offers that seduce and entice your clients (in a good way) within minutes. 
For new marketers, this is the holy grail as you do not even need web pages to use Commission Gorilla who even host your offers for you. 
With the 60-day money back guarantee, it is no risk. You can pay via PayPal, do your first promos and find out if it works for you. The price point of $ 69 for the regular edition (lifetime, no subscription or time limit whatsoever) makes this a no-brainer. 
Get Commission Gorilla NOW

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