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I loved Everwebinar a lot. Sadly, I had to leave after a few weeks for a reason that probably does to you: I was not able to add javascript to my sign-up page. My affiliate tracking worked with javascript so that in consequence I was not able to track the sales of affiliates.

Most affiliate tracking systems work differently so that this probably does not apply to you. In that case, you should give Everwebinar / WebinarJam a close look.

WebinarJam is the Live Webinar System of the same company that produces Everwebinar. Therefore, the integration is seamless. More about WebinarJam later.


Everwebinar Review

Everwebinar is the best Evergreen option I have tried. I did not try Infusionsoft, which  I guess (at the price for a month what the expensive alternatives cost per year) could be even better.

I will not focus on standard features lists – first of all, you can see them on their site anyway and second of all it´s boring. I will mention if I disliked any standard features or if they were missing.

Things like: accessible with tablets, mobiles, different browsers, customizable template, etc. in my opinion, do not have to be mentioned.

The functionality is comparable to stealth seminar. The system comes at a way lower price and with way better support.

While the limit with stealth seminar is 100 webinars per month (that might sound a lot, but it´s not if you use “webinar on demand” or replays. The customer service at stealth service was horrific, after asking three times (twice per email and once per chat), the owner – who sent useless replies personally but never answered my simple question –  I gave up. They did not tell me what happens after the 100th webinar …. can you pay for more? Is it over for the month? Will clients see a “sorry this broadcaster has reached his limit, come back next month”?

Back to Everwebinar. The good and the ugly:

The good

  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Unlimited participants (one person said over 900 people the resolution goes down but I guess over 900 members is a problem most of us would love to have)
  • The number of attendees can be suppressed or … faked. If you ever wondered how that one vendor gets hundreds of people in each of his webinars – many of the larger vendors are clients of Everwebinar – there were probably fewer people in the room. That feature is very handy if you are brand new and have two people at your first webinar.
  • Chat … You can add you own chat, and you can add the chat of each webinar to your next webinar. Over time, you get an impressive chat roll.
  • You can choose the following options: Chat (live or your texts or both), “Ask a question” (that is sent to your email) or you can suppress both options.
  • Webinarbot can show your offer at the time of your choosing. Or announcements, texts …
  • Live / Hybrid / Automated Webinars. Meaning: You can broadcast live, you can broadcast a recording but still be there and handle the chat or you can go to the beach and have yourself a nice day
  • Good support. The support is way over average.
  • Extensive training material.
  • Active community on Facebook
  • The BEST statistic function I had with any of the 12 solutions I tried. I miss that. You can export every bit of information conveniently for follow-up and analysis
  • You do not have to record a live webinar to be able to automate it – you can start with a movie from the beginning on (many solutions like for instance “Run a Webinar” do not offer this).  Run A Webinar Review
You might tell from my tone: I was morose I had to leave. Such a great team of people and as you can see above: Great list of features.

The ugly

  • Sign-up page can be customized, but you cannot use your own and therefore
  • Javascript cannot be added. You can integrate Google Analytics and HTML – but not javascript
  • Download your chat before you switch to “ask a question”. You can upload your chat (commata separate CSV), but if you do not download your chat before you change the option, for instance because you cannot be there on that day, you will lose it. So: download it and upload it later when you switch back to chat.
Well, that was it. I cannot think of anything else negative. They immediately refunded my money and even agreed to keep me online for another few days, until my last scheduled webinar. Also, they did not kick me out of the Facebook group.
I will keep an eye out for news and potentially go back there. Oh, and here is one piece of advice that seems so logical one should not even mention it. But I learned it the hard and painful way. Do not … I repeat … do NOT set your youtube video to “private”…(it still hurts).
My current solution is not as good as Everwebinar – but tracking the sales of joint venture partners has to have the highest priority.


Besides the unlikely case that you require javascript on your sign-up page you should DEFINITELY give this a try. They are serious about the money back guarantee (no hassle), and it is by far the best out of 12 webinar solutions I tested.
Currently, there is a special promotion where they offer Everwebinar for just $ 297 for a whole year (I paid $ 497 and still thought that was an incredible price for the worth I got).
Get it HEREMake sure you use my “customer tells customer” link to get your discount (currently on both, WebinarJam and Everwebinar!)

Only if you have no intention of showing your face during the webinar and are planning to work with slides, you should have a look at the inexpensive “Meeting Burner”.

MeetingBurner Review


WebinarJam Review

WebinarJam is a terrific live webinar solution that is built on google hangouts. They offer a free 90-day version. That makes it a no-brainer to try it. My guess is: You will stay.

If you are looking for the optimal solution to offer live events – you found it.

We can make this short: I did not find a single thing I was missing, or I disliked. Some people say that Google hangouts and youtube have a delay – I did not notice any delay worth mentioning. I would not know of a single function another vendor is offering that is not included in WebinarJam.

The training “Marketing Genesis” that comes with it is ingenious. I will go through it in the next month before my trial ends. Even if you are not in the market for a webinar solution right now: Get your 90-day trial, the (general) marketing training is worth it!

On their website, they have the full list of features that speaks for itself.

The support replies within hours – I was very happy with the quality of answers.

Check Webinar Jam out HERE

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  • I am trying webinarjam right now, and over the weekend, did not get any response from customer support tickets. Had this been a real emergency, it could have been a bummer. And why should we not set YouTube to private? For these test webinars? You said " it still hurts." What happened? Thanks!

  • I would advise anyone against using WebinarJam. We have held a total of 6 webinars. The first two were free ones that we provided for marketing, the last 4 have been for an online curriculum. The software has cut out and stopped working in three of the 6 webinars, with two being in the past three sessions.

    The first collaspe was due to the internet outage on the East Coast, so we were understanding to that one. The second one is because they updated their site with new patches/debugging during the time frame that we were hosting a live webinar. The result was that our entire webinar was shut down and we couldn’t get the connected again. As a result, we had a re-record the initial webinar and waited hours for a response from customer service with an explanation.

    Today, the webinar software collapsed again during a live webinar. All of our participants lost access again and we had to contact support. We told them that we were disappointed and given that the system failed three times within the past 6 webinars offered, we wanted to terminate our contract and a refund.

    The response was a half-way sympathetic apology and no explanation/resolution to the webinar issue was. Furthermore, they noted that despite our recent problems, they only provide a refund for 30-days regardless of quality of service. Our first webinar was on February 21st, so you can see how despite falling barely outside the refund date that we would be dissatisfied.

    The current level of reliability that they are providing is not representative of how our experience was earlier in using their platform. The customer service is poor, the platform is unreliable, and the refund policy is abysmal. Who cares about everything that it “can” do if it continuously fails to provide reliability. My suggestion is use another vendor and stay away from Webinar Jam at all costs-it has cost us too much time and customers at this point.

  • We shall see about the migration. I've only been using the JamSession Room, but have had similar experiences to Ben (above.) Thanks for your candor Ben. It will help me make my decision on whether or not to get a refund as my trial period is up in a few days.

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