beBee vs Facebook

First off: beBee is not in direct competition with Facebook.
In all honesty, I am not exactly sure about Facebook´s mission. If we say that it´s a platform to connect with your family and friends, Facebook wins. beBee, the affinity-based network, has a different mission.
I´ve shared some general info about beBee in “Linked in vs beBee” and my concern regarding the data quality and changes to privacy at facebook HERE.
Many people on Facebook use it in a different sense:
  • Winning clients
  • Building a brand
  • Playing games
Sadly, these days one can get the impression that the site has become a huge playground for advertisers and spam. The huge number of fake profiles, bots, and scammers in addition to Facebook´s aggressive privacy TOS make some people start to distrust the site.
Are you on LinkedIn too? How many times do you read “This post belongs on Facebook” in your feed? Facebook has become a synonym for low quality and unprofessional posts.
Is that the right place to build your brand?

Problems with Facebook

Researchers have found that people feel happier once they leave Facebook. I will have to agree, I felt better after I left.Part of the explanation is probably that people portray themselves in a positive light. They post about an ideal persona. That can make people feel lonely and unsuccessful. The other part of the problem is that – no matter if you agree with the content or not – the massive amount of negative messages has a negative impact on your brain.
One-sided view
Facebook shows you more of what you “like”. The problem is that you are starting to see a filtered view of reality.
Facebook might have the highest amount of users (especially as they seem to be very accepting of fake profiles, and automated bot profiles) but the amount of scam and spam is hard to tolerate.
Smaller pages have one severe problem: Basically, even people who liked your page often don´t see your posts. Facebook has a solution: Pay to show your own followers posts at a prominent position. If you are not willing to pay – for new pages and small companies it can be difficult to gain visibility.

What is beBee?

  • Affinity-based community
  • Over 10 Million users in the first year
  • 40 K (number growing) US-based users join daily
  • Users are in control of the content they want to see
  • High visibility
  • Meaningful interaction
  • Job-Search and Headhunter portal
  • ad-free, privacy breach free
  • no bot activity, hardly any spam


Depending on what you are trying to achieve, beBee might be a Facebook alternative or addition for you.
Again, if you are looking to just connect with family and friends and do not mind the downsides of Facebook you might not be interested.
If you are looking for genuine interaction, like-minded people, building your brand – this is the place to bee.

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