PLR stands for private label right. Someone produces a product (like an eBook, video training, etc.) and grants you the rights to sell it. It is not branded – you can put in your link, address, logo. Most PLR products come with a lot of extras, for instance, articles, that you can use for newsletter and such.

Review of NitroWealth Aurelius Tjin
That can definitely be interesting. The “good” vendors deliver everything you need to set up your sales page (sales page, graphics, additional bonuses). Depending on the supplier and regulations of the particular PLR product you might be granted the right you find resellers to sell the product for you. In that case, it is called MRR (master resell right). 
Until you are ready to create your own freebies, this is the best way to go about it. Like myself, you might decide that what you have to offer is best put into a product – not a freebie so that you might continue to use PLRs.

PLR as giveaway for list building

As discussed in earlier articles, as a new online marketer your challenge will be to create a loyal list of subscribers that you can promote your links and products to. PLRs are an ideal way of generating new sign-ups. How many times have you given your email address away to receive a freebie? Exactly. 
It is best to offer more than one freebie or at least to switch the giveaway from time to time. 

Psychology of Buyers

A quick side remark: PLRs are not best-of-class works. Most are awful; some are ok or even good. And that is enough. 
You see, rarely someone looks into free stuff. People want it, but people do not value it. They store it somewhere on their PCs, together with the other free pdf´s they are not reading. And if they do: Their expectation is not as high as it would be with paid content. 
Still, your reputation is on the line, and you have to be prepared for the rare case that someone actually reads your freebie. 

Problem with PLR

I´ll be honest with you: The quality of the overwhelming majority of PLRs is … beyond. Terrible does not even start to describe it. Many or even most vendors cannot even be bothered to use the auto-corrector function that every word processing program offers in 2016. 
2016 is a good point. Many of the PLRs are from ancient times. Especially when it comes to social media advice, internet topics and such you are at risk of making a fool out of yourself if you happen to use one of the dinosaurs. 
Some vendors deliver incomplete content. They might provide an HTML site, but you soon learn that unless you can code you will not be able to integrate your payment button. 
The list goes on … but let´s focus on the good things. You probably guessed that I would not write this article unless I can share one of the best PLR solutions with you. 

NitroWealth Review, Aurelius Tjin

I recommend NitroWealth. Why? PLR do not have to be pieces of art. But as mentioned before they have to be good enough to support your case of building a relationship with your new subscriber. 
Grow your list with PLR

Use PLR to grow your list

NitroWealth Aurelius Tjin
Here is why I love NitroWealth
  • Focused on the topics that sell. Weight Loss/Health/Nutrition; Internet/Marketing/Social Media; Self Help. 
  • Current and complete content. You get every single little thing you need to sell the item and tons of bonuses on top. The content has not been written in 1998 but is brand new. 
  • Good quality. A PLR will not earn you an MBA. But NitroWealth delivers quality content that supports your case and can be sold without feeling guilty.
  • All the rights you need. Some vendors do not allow to give their work away for free or below a certain sum. You can give all of the NitroWealth PLR away for free, for a cent – however, you want.
  • Contains blog posts, autoresponder sequences, articles and often videos
  • Professional, competent and fast customer service. 
  • Extremely affordable. 
  • 3 module packages offer rich content on all three money-making topics. Whether you want to ensure that you have something to offer for everyone or whether you have several websites – everything you need is in this worry-free pack. 

How to get NitroWealth

NitroWealth delivers a fresh set of PLRs every single month. It´s a worry-free package and saves you not just time but also $. 
The three pictures in this article only show a part of what you are getting. 
The first month is available at just $ 1. Seriously. In 10 minutes you can be ready to either offer your freebie to new subscribers or make money by selling it. 
After that, the cost is $ 10 per months. That is as cheap as it gets for complete quality content. Easy cancellation at any time. No hurdles, no questions asked. 
You could get the full package for a dollar, download it and cancel. That would be shortsighted and a bit sneaky – but possible. 
Get it HERE

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