beBee Brand Ambassador

Those of you who know me will have a hard time believing that I (of all people) was appointed as Brand Ambassador for a Social Network.

How could that happen?

beBee is refreshingly different. It´s a “no rules” site. Whether you want to share information about Change Management or a cute cat picture – everyone is welcome. Job searchers and recruiters find their place just like plumbers, philosophers, managers, bloggers …

The affinity-based approach makes sure that we can connect with exactly the people or topics we chose.

It could not replace LinkedIn and the German pendant (I´m expanding!) XING. A particular group of corporate management will never participate in online socializing. They are glad when in their limited free time no salespeople can bug them. And they could not share personal interests.

But they will leave their static business card on business networks so that to me the question is not LinkedIn or beBee.

The new connections and good mood from successful social media work on beBee reflect on everything else you might do on the net.

I started on XING a week ago, and have already 103 connections, founded a group that has 24 members. That might not sound impressive to American ears. But for a specialized topic and a country the size of Germany, it´s a great start. My group became the second largest group for the topic in 3!! days.

I had two meaningful (phone/skype) appointments and am discussing a partnership.

Networking on beBee makes me so happy, that I forget that I hate social media – and that leads to good results everywhere.

But … this is not a Cheerleading event.

What I have achieved with the help of beBee

  • More interaction on LinkedIn
  • Could FINALLY close my Facebook account
  • Two new clients in the last 23 days
  • Two new testimonials
  • and lots of fun, engaging conversation
Fun and likable clients are the ultimate measures, and the site is just starting to grow in the US, Germany – worldwide.

Equity for Ambassadors

Well, as an Ambassador you are entitled to equity. Would you agree with me if I say that people who own a piece of a network will find a way to make it successful?
That said, 11 Million users in the first year is impressive as it is.
Words are words – facts are facts.

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