I steal, I lie, I game the system?

Yesterday the funniest thing happened. It made me think of the expression “it’s a small world”

I have recently changed the settings on my main blog so that my plug-in removes spam comments before they even enter my WordPress front end. Today I checked because a lot of comments have been auto-blocked. You will never believe what happened next:

I found spam that linked to the URL of one of my twitter followers. The reason I remembered him is that I considered removing him for his “check this out..” tagging. Before I did remove and block him I sent him a direct message asking him if he really believes that comment spam is a good way to grow his business.

He then contacted me via the new call button on my page (OMG my new call button function is so cool you have to check this out here). It turned out that he never commented on my blog. Instead, he purchased a service on a site called SEOClerks.

For just a few dollars he bought a “gig” that promised to boost his rankings and get him on page one of Google. Little did he know that the person works with spam. Five minutes ago, I received an email from him informing me that he found out that the “SEO expert” used a bot to create fake wiki profiles and spam the link to his website.

Each with a different fake email address and ridiculously stupid text. He asked the seller for a complete list of entries and is trying to get them deleted manually before Google sees them.

He found profiles saying he is a 13-year-old girl and other ridiculous sh..

I wondered a while back if I should warn people to not buy site-related services on dollar sites. It’s so obvious that it doesn’t seem to make sense to even mention it.


Then again, every day Google punishes websites who are using harmful services to get ahead.

Let me ask you one question: if you knew how to rank any website on page 1 of Google in just a few minutes would you sell your services for five dollars?

… (Melodramatic pause)

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

You KNOW that nobody will rank your site on Google for five dollars, then or even hundred dollars in a sustainable way. IF you think. But you didn’t think. You purchase this service against your better knowledge. Or in other words: you were out of your mind.

But before I indulge in shameless self-promotion (hint: my emotional intelligence training .. people with a high EQ are always able to think before they act) let me just urge you to consider a few things before you buy any service related to your website:

  • Why do you follow the people you follow for a longer period of time? Because they steal, cheat and lie?
  • Who do you trust more? Google`s ability to discover black hat methods sooner or later or someone offering a service at a fraction of the real price?
  • Are you interested in long-term connections with your readers/buyers? How do you keep them should you fake yourself to page 1 of Google when what you deliver is not page 1-worthy?
  • Is the potential damage you can do to your hard work worth it?
  • What are you going to do if after the next update your site is on page “blacklist” of Google?
  • Do you REALLY want to be a negative person and harm other people and sites to advance?

Even people with a strong sense of right and wrong tend to forget it on the internet. Link spamming harms other sites and you can compare it to throwing your garbage in your neighbor’s gardens and setting it on fire.

If you just don’t care and look for the fastest way to make quick money: Just go outside and rob people.

The solution: Just be someone you would want to do business with. 

Delivering value to your readers and buyers is certainly not a short cut. It’s more work.  But it’s what makes people trust you and buy from you.

Consider this: most of the people who try to sell you on shady stuff (and there are many, many, many) don’t make money because their system works. They only make money by selling it to people who are looking for short cuts.

Amen (;

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