Today, someone asked me if fast traffic bot is a scam. Later today, I saw a tweet regarding this product that has received 28 retweets. Obviously, last week the product has been chosen by JVZOO as the product of the day.

I will make this quick – I just have 20 minutes while my tomato sauce is cooking to perfection.


Fast Traffic Bot Scam Review

What is fast traffic bot?

Fast traffic bot is a piece of software you install on your computer. It automates – or you can say cheats – the process of reading emails and advertisements from what is called safe lists.

If you don’t know what a safe list is: it’s a list where people can sign up and agree to read solo ads, emails and advertisements. In return they get a cent or a credit for each email etc. they read.

They can then use the credits to distribute their own solo ads or emails.


Fast Traffic Bot Scam Review

The claim of fast traffic bot:

  • grow your list
  • drive unlimited traffic to whereever you want
  • generate sales
  • make money while you sleep
  • get tons of conversions

The claim of the inventors:

  • are making millions
  • made millions with PLR
  • give you free gifts worth $150
  • you will generate sales, passive income and tons of traffic/subscribers with their tool

The reality of fast traffic bot:

  • will deliver low-quality traffic
  • can and probably will hurt your rankings
  • bots or people who don’t care will see your ads
  • Set-up time required, either Google will figure out or the sites you cheat on. The bot would have to be updated each time it gets blocked.

The reality

  • they make money selling dreams to you they can’t fulfill
  • the only other product they currently offer on JVZOO is PLR
  • the three PLR “gifts” are not worth $250, I will make you a 3GB PLR offer for 6 bucks later on, which is the realistic price
  • They show pictures of their kids and repeatedly state you can trust them. None of the people I trust keep repeating they are trustworthy.
  • One of the inventors mentions in the sales video that they also own a brick & mortar store. Not sure I’d go through the trouble as a multi-millionaire. Kudos to them!

Why are there 4 Upsells?

Great question. I am glad you asked. There are 4 upsells after your initial investment because the vendors know that their tool doesn’t do the trick and that they might get you to invest some more before you notice. Or that you pay more to save your investment.


Pros and Cons

Let’s make this short: this product is bullshit. Every automation requires time to set it up properly. The cost of the product is very low, it’s only about $45. They mark it with $65.63 which is supposed to give you the impression a) the price will rise b) they sold a ton and the price increases after each sale. They offer a $20 coupon on the checkout page.

Why not just offer for $45? Because many of you guys have not been through my emotional intelligence training and can still be manipulated with made up value proposition and similar stunts.

They indeed did sell a lot of copies of this software. It just sounds really good. Like every “lose 20 pounds in a week” pill, we often want to believe things even if know they are not true.

The real cost of this product might be considerably higher, though. When the low-quality traffic starts hitting your page your bounce rate will go up while all relevant things like pages per visit, duration etc will go down.

If you send directly to your affiliate links, you will soon look like the most unsuccessful partner because your traffic doesn’t convert, even less lead to sales. Many reputable vendors explicitly forbid low-quality traffic and might even kick out out of their programs.

Rest assured: the group of people you join when you start using black hat methods and other shady tools will try to cheat just as you (I don’t mean you. You know what I mean. I mean “you” as in the people who actually buy these tools). You might end up creating nothing but bot traffic with your fast traffic bot. Most of the members of safe traffic sites will not be from T1 countries and might not be your typical buyers.

Even if you reach real people who don’t own a bot yet. How much do you think are they willing to spend on what you are marketing when they spend their time on sites where they get pennies? By the way …. a penny per three ads is more realistic.

How interested would you be in ads if you spend your whole day clicking to make $5 per day? That’s exactly how interested the people seeing your ads will be. Supposed their human. And only until the bot stops working.

The product is offered via JVZOO – please read my JVZOO review.


Why are there so many positive reviews around?

Counter question: why have those reviews been written on the release date or even before? Did they get millionaires in an hour or even before they could lay their hands on the software? Many reviews even show the wrong price.

The last product “no cost income stream” does not seem to be available any longer, at least the only other product offer via JVZOO is currently PLR. Did anyone generate income besides affiliates who wrote fake reviews and the vendors? We don’t know … that it’s not marketed any longer might be an indicator.

The mindset

I understand that from the presentation of these vendors it’s hard to figure out that what they are really doing is offering you a software that allows you to cheat. You can also say steal. Because that is what it is if you agree to do something in return for pay and you don’t do it.

This is not how you build a sustainable business and reputation. If great men do small things they end up producing small results. Period.

Again, if you look at the promotional sales video you might not be aware of that – they don’t mention how low-quality traffic will hurt your rankings and your standing with Google.



While Fast Traffic Bot might not be a scam in the sense is that you do not receive anything for your money, it is a scam in the sense that it can’t deliver on its promise.

It’s a matter of time until they catch up: Google and the sites who’s business you hurt by using a bot.

Low-quality traffic will harm your site. But most importantly, hunting pennies will keep you from hunting real business.

While you`re busy signing up on sites that allow you to market your links to people who could not care less, your competition goes after real buyers. While your bot creates worthless and even toxic traffic in your sleep, your competitors establish relationships to their buyers.

You could use the money you spend on this software for a small high-quality solo ad and potentially win 30 leads who are really interested in what you have to offer. And you could use the time to create true value for potential buyers – unless you want to spend the rest of your days cloaking link, trying to trick faster than Google can catch up, and so on.

Most affiliate marketers, bloggers, and online businesses fail. Those who don’t either create value for their buyers or they are great at marketing dreams that won’t come true for the buyers.


My suggestion

I suggest that you check out this site right now: SUMO

Not only do you find REAL deals on there, you can also learn how to grow your online business in a sustainable way without wasting your money on useless tools and risk severe punishment by Google. Their free offers provide realistic knowledge on how you can grow your business.

The other thing you could do is take the free webinar HERE
The webinar teaches you how to run a successful (online)business. It focuses on the big picture and not on hunting pennies with shady techniques that will come back to bite you.


PLR offer

I promised you a PLR deal. What is this offer worth? You see, you can use a PLR book to grow your list. Realistically, if that’s all you got it’s going to be tough. People are bored of this type of offers and they are more and more reluctant to sell their email addresses for a book, often of mediocre quality.

You could buy solo-ads from a quality vendor with a great list and still get high opt-in rates. Sending low-quality traffic via Fast Traffic Bot will not get you many opt-ins – if any. Keep in mind: You don’t care about the people’s ads – you don’t even watch them. They feel the same about your ads.

For a new marketer, PLR can be an excellent tool to find pointers and info to write about. It can be turned into videos, presentations, pictures, audio books and you can use parts in addition to your own knowledge. If you make the content your own, PLR can do great things for you.

It can also be a perfect basis for creating your own digital products.

So if PLR is what you want grab 3GB for $6 HERE

No fancy ads and made-up value propositions – it’s just a “friends” offer for you. It’s hundreds or thousands of the type of books (and often complete sites) the vendor of Fast Traffic Bot claims to be worth $50 or $100 each.

The only reason I don’t gift it to you and ask a symbolic fee is that the downloads take up a lot of bandwidth and I am not keen on pushing this offer. It’s just for those of you who feel compelled to buy fast traffic bot because they’re interested in the “bonus gifts”.

You won’t even get on a newsletter list – I don’t have one for this blog.

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