AdSense Alternatives For New Blogs

"Your blog does not qualify for Adsense."

"Your account has been temporarily disabled/deactivated."

AdSense Alternatives for New Blogs
Your blog/website is new. No one wants you. What to do? Wait until you have 50 k visitors? No way!

Here is the thing with AdSense: There are thousands and thousands of complaints about AdSense out there. It seems that many do not get approved while others accidently did something that is against Google´s TOS. Whether it´s true or not, I can´t tell. Many people claim their account has been deactivated after they clicked their own ad accidently - one single time.

I have an AdSense account for a year now. A blog I started (and ended) a year ago had been approved. It had three 200 words posts that were not even good. I never used AdSense. When I added my quality blog (no spam, scam, over 150 high-quality articles...), Google disabled my account. Apparently, they checked the first blog in my account which was the dead blog. The "re-submit" link did not work.

I could neither log into my account nor contact Google. They only talk to people who make a certain amount of revenue with AdSense or have over 50k monthly visitors. Wait a second .... how can I make a profit, when I am in the process of signing up?

Either it was a bug or my angry comment in their community made them open my account again. After all, I had not done anything wrong.

But it was enough for me to know: I do not need to be treated like this if there are other options around.

I have heard that especially for new blogs that do not have a lot of content yet, it can get harder to get approved. Many programs are looking for a minimum of 5k site visits - or even 500k. Others work in a way that advertisers bid for the advertising space on your website. Guess how many bids a new blog receives?

Either way - it is always better to not put all of your eggs in one nest. Why not look into signing up with a second provider, as an AdSense replacement or enhancement? Some of the vendors below offer options that Google just does not have. Video ads, pop-over, pop-under, ads on exit - you name it.

If you happen to have content on your site that works with Amazon - sign up there too. They accept any publisher with a decent amount of quality content - irrelevant of the number of daily visitors. It only makes sense if your content is suited for product recommendations.

The list below contains newbie-friendly vendors that will likely approve your brand new blog. And you will not have to wait for ages. All three options have a very low minimum payout and support PayPal.

The 4 best AdNetworks for Newbies


InfoLinks is very easy to integrate. You just add one piece of code to your blog and control and adjust everything else from your account.

The ads can come across a bit spammy - you be the judge as you can see how they work right on this blog. If you do not see it: SHAME ON YOU! How dare you enjoy my content, my hard work, and use an adblocker? I thought we were brothers. (;

You can use InfoLinks in addition to your AdSense (or whatever) account. The most popular option of InfoLinks (and I bet you have seen it 100 times on other blogs) are the in-text ads.

Payment via PayPal, low minimum payout.

One of the best options for new blogs and websites. Their support at least sends you cut & paste replies.

Sign up HERE


ylliX states that they accept any website/blog that does not show illegal content. I was able to install it on a blog with one post.

They offer different forms of banner ads - including special https-safe ads. The pay is fair.

Also interesting is the daily payout options as well as the low minimum payout of a buck. Some vendors can be picky with websites from countries other than the US, UK, and Canada - ylliX supports international sites as well and is available in a ton of languages.

Very, very newbie-friendly. And their support talks to you.

Sign up HERE


Another newbie-friendly site with a low minimum payout of $ 10. It can also run in addition to AdSense.

It shows contextual ads. Chitica is the most similar to AdSense from the three options.

Chitica replies to support requests, even of people who have websites with under 50k visitors.

Sign up HERE


AdsOptimal is one of the newer sites and seems very promising so far. The payout minimum is $ 50. Currently, they are running a time-limited promotion and give you $ 5 credit for each site they approve. 
Being a newbie-friendly site, they will likely approve of your site. As with all of the other options, make sure you read their TOS. AdsOptimal, for instance, does not allow for paid traffic. 
They offer a decent variety of ad forms. Sadly, some are exclusive to "gold members" - companies that have "premium" sites. 
If you want to give them a try, you should do so before the offer expires. 
Sign up HERE

Hopefully, these sites will help you to get started and make some money with your new online presence.

Once you have 50k or at least 5k visitors (mainly T1 countries, no bots, etc.), other options will open up. But maybe you do not want them anymore at this point.

Up your $$$ game!


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