Amazon Echo Look Review

What is Amazon Echo Look


My Amazon Echo Look review can help you to make a decision if you're not sure if this is a creep or a keep.

Echo Look is Amazon's newest IoT gadget and at this time you have to request an invitation which you can do here: Amazon Echo Look

My general view on the internet of things can be found in this article on my Entertainment Blog: I heard it from your freezer?

Amazon Echo Look Review

A friend of mine is crazy for gadgets. She is a selfie-lover and lives on Instagram. Can you imagine how excited she is right now?

Echo Look is a connected device that in addition to the regular Amazon Echo features can also take pictures and record video. I figure everyone knows Amazon Echo, the connected smart loudspeaker with Siri-like functionality.

So Amazon Echo Look can do everything that Amazon Echo can. In addition to that, you can use your voice and the remote to take 360° videos and pictures.

The price difference to the version without camera function is as low as $20 so that I expect many people to buy this new gadget.


Amazon Echo Look Features

Echo Look Features

Take pictures of your look from every angle

One of the features is that you can take pictures from every angle. The pictures can be sent to Amazon for a "review". Finally, the most burning question in life can be answered: Which outfit looks better?

If turning your head to see your backside in the mirror was a hassle for you - fret no more, Amazon got you!

Style Check

See above

Get looks inspired by your pictures

Amazon analyzes your pictures and videos to suggest outfits that you might like. And, oh how handy, you can order them at Amazon. With your voice, if you like. I'm sure there will be a feature soon that allows you to order by giving the device camera a "thumbs up".

Amazon Echo features

In addition to that, it offers all of the Amazon Echo functionality. The more Amazon services and products you own, the better the value you get from this device.

Third party apps

The attractive catalog of third-party apps is growing constantly. I expect many people will install tons of them to add additional features to their Amazon Echo Look.




  • Priced at $199, the device is inexpensive


  • Huge security risk
  • A lot of the functions are already covered (cell phones, webcams)
  • Can't be used outdoors
  • Did I mention: Huge security risk?
  • Constantly trying to upsell



While the device offers some neat features, to me it is a creep.

The question is not just if you trust Amazon and the Government. There were several cases already when officials tried to get Amazon to provide data collected by Echo.

So far they did not. How long until that changes?

More importantly: apps (just like cell phone apps) offer attractive functionality.

Regarding security and your privacy the question must be:

Do you trust Amazon to never change their rules and fight back government requests forever? And do you have faith in Amazon's ability to defy the very first rule of data:

Every piece of data that is stored anywhere can and will get hacked at some point. 

Lastly: What about the app vendors? And the third parties they use to create their apps? You trust their abilities and have faith in their morale? What are they going to do with your data?

Webcams get hacked all the time. You can disconnect webcams. You could pull the plug of your smart assistant but you won't. Your Amazon Look is protected through a "wake word."

If you answer to all of this is "yes" or you feel getting your hands on the features is more relevant to you: Grab an invite HERE

But keep in mind: Amazon is not in the business of selling gadgets. They price their gadgets very aggressive. You know why? It helps them sell more of what they are in the business for: products from the Amazon catalog.

I will pass on this one.



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