Amazon is not blocking VPN connections completely

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For now, Amazon allows the use of your hardware again, I can imagine a lot of people were complaining. That does not change the fact that they tried.

Amazon goes Orwellian

Since the latest software update, that you cannot reject as Amazon forces it on their devices, trying to use a VPN connection renders your Firestick obsolete.

Even though you paid for a piece of hardware, Amazon takes the freedom to restrict your right to use it any (legal) way you like - for instance via a secure, encrypted VPN connection.

Amazon censors and limits the use of hardware you paid for

Obviously, it is Amazon's good right and legal obligation to make sure that their OWN Video and Prime content is used in accordance with their agreements.

Blocking VPN connections from accessing Amazon content (as they did in the past) is totally ok in my book.

Restricting my right to use my own hardware with a secure connection to access, for instance, YouTube content or watch Bloomberg is a pretty scary move on Amazon's end and a direct attack on your and my privacy.

Buy a Chromecast

You know how it is with the bad guys. If a company crosses borders like this once, it will do so again if it feels the desire for it.

Google is one of the largest or the largest data merchant and privacy nightmare, but they do respect your choices. Google does not limit your right to use your hardware as you see fit.


The use of private, secure VPN connection is not illegal so that the reason for Amazon to do so is that they want to. If they want to play police for copyright infringement - that's fine by me. Intrusive limitations on hardware we paid for is not.

Amazon is the next company to dislike.

And this doesn't help Amazon is selling police departments a real-time facial recognition system

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