AppSumo Briefcase Review (formerly AppSumo Black)

My Appsumo Briefcase review will expose if this is worth your time.

They say if something sounds too good to be true it usually is. But then again, from time to time you come across something that is as good as it sounds.

Can I after two very negative reviews finally recommend a tool again?

We'll see.


What is Appsumo Briefcase HQ?

Appsumo Briefcase is a subscription service that claims to contain software worth thousands of dollars for a small monthly fee. It is brand-new and currently available at a very low introductory price. New applications get added weekly so that the subscription will become more valuable as time goes by. You might know AppSumo already from their incredible deals and freebies.

The offer is not visible if you go to their regular website. But I put a link at the end of this review for you so that you can access this special - if you choose to.

UPDATE November 2017: AppSumo is now Briefcase HQ. 

Is Briefcase HQ /AppSumo Black scam?

To decide whether it is a scam or not, we will look at every single application included in the subscription. We all know that most vendors create a false sense of urgency, they work with made-up value prepositions and try to fool us in many other ways.

So, let's do this! The list shows the included components (Version 1), fact-checked real prices and what it is for.

  • MissingLettr Small Team Plan $69/month (True Social Media automation)
  • Stencil Unlimited $29/month (Graphic- and Design program)
  • Beacon Unlimited $29/month (Viral e-book covers, checklists and more)
  • Book Like A Boss  $25/month (really $8/month) (wanna cool booking system)
  • FindThatLead Sumo Plan $29/month (finds leads from job titles, web pages & more)
  • CallPage $50/month (increase call rates and automates call management)
  • Billy  $19/month (Accounting, Quotes, Invoicing)
  • SalesFlare $35/month (CRM)
  • Customer Guru Tree Plan $50/month (Surveys)
  • EpicBeat $49/month
  • Airstory  $89/month (really $59/month)
  • Invanto  $297/month (Membership, School, Social Locker)
  • Amplifr $80/month (social media automation)
  • Whatagraph $70/month (professional reporting for marketing and agencies)
  • CrankWheel $75/month (instant sales presentation (screenshareing)
  • Fieldbook $25/month (Excel type program)
  • CloudApp $8/month (Gifs, Screenrecorder & more)
  • Reveal $49/month (Facebook Ad Optimization)
  • SE Ranking  $39/month (SEO tool suite)
  • Publicfast $125/month (Influencer trading site)
  • Landingi  $69/month (landing page creator)
  • Poplink $79/month (add a call for action to your shares)
  • Bonsai  $19/month
  • pCloud $39/month (cloud storage solution)
  • Social Insider $60/month (track facebook pages)
  • $20 Coupon for use on other AppSumo Deals (NEW)

Appsumo Briefcase Review Complete

Missinglettr Review

? ???

Missinglettr is an application that allows you to truly automate your social media posts. What makes it different is that it automatically creates a campaign whenever you write a new blog post. It is not limited to blog posts - you can use any link you want.

What I love about it is that you don't have to do anything. It automatically creates different campaign texts and schedules your campaign for a full year or however long you want it to run. You choose for which platforms you want to use hashtags and on which you'd rather not. You select a few hashtags and the system will alternate them.

Which parts did I manually ad on the screenshot below? None. Zero. Nada.

You can choose if you want it to pick pictures from your post, use any other pictures and what I find most exciting is that it can automatically create pictures from snippets from your posts. In my short experience with this program, I have learned that these convert really well.

They are currently working on Pinterest integration and that is the only negative point. Currently, they support only LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. You can add up to 150 social media accounts. And that is the next very positive thing: If you want to, you can create campaigns for clients and charge them.

The version included with Sumo black does everything you need it to do. This is an incredible offer. Should I ever cancel my Briefcase HQ, I will sign up for one of their plans.


This is awesome. This is true social media automation.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: I like this a lot. You see on my social media that it's running smoothly. Increased click-through rate from LinkedIn and Google+

Book like a Boss Review

Either Sumo made a mistake or Book like a boss is being shady. You will NOT receive the "big boss" version. You will get access to the light version that does not allow you to remove the branding and a few features are missing. For instance: RFP, SMS reminders, custom domain, classes/groups/events.

You will have to pay extra to get the features of the "big boss" version.

With the "get rich quick"-looking branding, it is not usable for any other industry than "online business". And, hey, even if you are an SEO guy or online business - why not look sophisticated and appeal to any industry? Might be a matter of taste. As every honest review, it comes with bias.

You can only embed your offers on one site. What?

You probably have a better booking system already and if not: There are unbranded free solutions around and if you pay for a booking system - why not get one that you can embed on more than just one site.


Do not take "book like a boss" into account when you decide about Briefcase HQ. The offer is click bait. It has the look of what gives "affiliate marketing" and "online business" a bad reputation in some minds.

The value listed on the AppSumo page is $25 but the real advantage is only $8 per month saving. The support didn't reply to my inquiry for two days now. I suggested to AppSumo that they correct the information on their site.


FOUR MONTHS LATER UPDATE: AppSumo has corrected the proposed value and book like a boss made positive changes. The branding is now small and not a showstopper any longer. This makes it recommendable and a great deal and argument for AppSumo Briefcase.

2019 UPDATE: AppSumo offered another Book like a boss deal that allowed people to get the version they signed up for an additional payment of $49. The process was not ok but the offer is great even if you had to pay more than was agreed.

Stencil Review

Stencil is a program similar to Canva. You can create nice looking graphics. A ton of templates and graphics are included. It also has a lot of symbols and other useful goodies. Many of the pictures seem to come from a site called Morguefile (meaning not all of them look professional or all of them looked very natural - however you want to put it.) I cannot say for sure if that applies to all included pictures or just a few.

The included templates look well made.

What I liked about Stencil is that it also includes quotes. Just add your logo and click on any of the included quotes to quickly create your personalized social media post.


Stencil is a good program. I will use it. I would not pay extra for it because Canva just has too many possibilities already and I own a tool that allows me to create batches of quotes -  but it is an argument pro Briefcase HQ.

The included quotes are a nice feature but in perfect software, you could just upload text files and wouldn't have to create every quote individually.

This seems to be new software and I have high hopes that it keeps developing and adding functionality.

That said, the regular asking price (when buying outside of Briefcase HQ) is delusional.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: I use this tool nearly daily. They added a ton of new icons, templates and more. I love the 1-click resize feature that I overlooked in my initial review.  Really nice, that was a lot of work with Canva. All sizes of popular social media posts/ads/covers are stored.

THREE MONTH LATER UPDATE: What was I even talking about? I use this every day. I would be lost without it.

Beacon Review

Beacon Allows you to quickly create what they perceive as viral book covers, covers for checklists and resource guides. It offers pre-made templates and the possibility to create your own. You can also import content from your blog. The only native integration is Hubspot.

The included templates are mediocre. This also seems to be a young company so that new functionality might be added in the future. The theme builder is currently in beta status.


It is a nice program to have if you don't have to pay for it. It doesn't add enough functionality to popular free or inexpensive programs like Canva to justify a monthly fee.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: I forgot about this. Not sure I have the need this tool fulfills. Maybe you'll love it.

2019 UPDATE: Beacon has

Invanto Review

Invanto. OMG OMG OMG. This is the component I'm most excited about. It offers members sites, reward sides and you can build your own training center/school.

These are currently the "only" available applications.

This app was the main reason for me to sign up with AppSumo. I had already paid for a membership management and online school software, but they are both sub par.

Decent software like this is expensive, looks unprofessional or requires a lot of manual work. If you are not a programmer or a corporation, this might be your single best chance to get a professional looking membership and training center software.

After looking at the roadmap, I am excited about future developments. This software allows you to start your own membership program, training center and even has a limited social lock feature.

My only complaint is that the social lock feature is too limited. I expected that you can lock content and offer people the chance to qualify for it. For instance by signing up to something or by sharing your posts. Instead, the only triggers are commenting (limited to the included apps) and logging in.

The reward system (gather points) has potential in the context of a school application as you can reward regular students.

I have no reason to believe that this company will not implement major improvements over the next short time.


Briefcase HQ is worth double the price just because of this app. They are currently offering this insane deal because they are new on the market and it helps them to get started. This is a one-time opportunity and that you will never have the chance again to get this package for a price as low as this.

This software alone makes this deal insane.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: Missing some features, in the process of adding my first training. Very happy with page speed.

THREE MONTHS LATER UPDATE: I am less enthusiastic now. Much less. It's lacking the ability to integrate with affiliate programs so that I had to buy a different solution. The programmers promise a lot for the future of which nothing has happened in the last three months. I'll keep it in a virtual drawer and see what happens.

FOUR MONTHS LATER UPDATE: Invanto has added support for JVZOO and Clickbank. If you do not want to offer an affiliate program or are ok with them, you're all set. I have noticed that audio files are not supported and a few things that make me look forward to further changes.

2019 UPDDATE: Invanto turned out a scam.

BILLY review

? ???

Billy is a simple accounting, expense tracking and invoicing software for small businesses. It also supports quotes (proposals). If you do not already have a software like this, you will be pleased with Billy. I have yet to find a bug or anything I dislike about it.

The user interface is intuitive and you will not spend a lot of time learning the software.


Billy can't do everything. But it can probably do everything you need it to do. The intuitive front end makes getting started the breeze. Most alternatives are oversized for small businesses.

I like Billy.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: Nothing to add. Accounting isn't sexy - but that's not Billy's fault.

SalesFlare Review

Salesflare is a CRM. You have a CRM, I have a CRM, everyone has a CRM. Does this one have unique selling points that would make me want to switch? I don't know. My business email provider is not natively supported so that I would have had to enter my IMAP settings just to sign up.

I think the software would then automatically import my contacts and calendar entries and I don't feel like allowing that.

There might or might not be an option to import other relevant information stored in your current CRM.

Changing your CRM is a serious business. This app failed at making me excited or even interested. Their description "SalesFlare is an intelligent sales CRM for teams who thrive on technology." means nothing to me. What does that even mean?

Does it strengthen me? Order pizza for me? Increase my sales? I don't know.

I know one thing, though: If you want me to buy (or even try) that you can help me sell more, you need to gain my interest and then earn my trust. Both have not happened.

I might add a review later.

For now, I will give this a thumbs down for failure at sales messaging. If you are one of the few people does not have a CRM yet, this might interest you. But perhaps not. There are tons of alternatives around. Can a company unable to create interest for their own solution help you sell more?

Judging from the feature list on their homepage, they offer fewer features than competitors who offer their CRM for free to solo entrepreneurs and tiny businesses. "I might add a review later" will probably stay an empty promise.


Get your sales message right, translate your (few) features into "what's in for me" - then we talk. And, oh, explain what "a team that thrives on technology" means in the context of a seemingly very basic CRM. Are you selling to IT people only?

The 1.5-minute explainer video supposed to "show me what Salesflare is about" walks me through the steps for signing up for a trial. Chance missed.

You don't understand sales - you won't get my time or data.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: Considering if my review was too harsh. Nah ...

THREE MONTHS LATER UPDATE: Meanwhile I signed up. I hate that in order to do that I have to grant access to all aspects of my email account. I used a dead Gmail (my business email provider is not supported anyway.) It has nothing on free tools like Bitrix or Zoho and even less on paid tools.

UPDATE2019: Opposite to my first comments, Salesflare turned out to be a winner. They have improved their solution tremendously since 2017 and I'll start using it now. They have grown from a buggy new tool to a real contender in the CRM business. Many new integrations make this a great solution.

Customer Guru Review

Customer guru is a tool that helps you to turn buyers into reviewers. It can automatically send follow-up emails asking clients for their opinion. This seems to be a very interesting solution and I will add a technical review later on.

You have to add code to your site for it to work and I did not have the time yet.


I haven't done my homework yet but will do so. If you do it first, let me know your thoughts.


THREE MONTHS LATER UPDATE: Gosh, so glad I thought of updating you because I forgot about this. Will install. This time, I mean it.

FOUR MONTHS LATER UPDATE: I have looked at the tool meanwhile. It has such limited functions that I do not recommend it. That said, a few days ago, AppSumo has added an incredible survey tool to the Briefcase, SparkChart.

FindThatLead Review

FindThatLead is as creepy as it is powerful. Are you looking for affiliates? Buyers? CEO's? Purchase Managers? Email addresses from a specific website that hides them?

Just enter a website, social media profile link or job role and FindThatLead will collect the information for you.

In this example, I used "Neuroscientist" as a keyword.

I clicked on "all leads" and "find email" and the system filled in business emails of all people in the list. 705 names and .edu (or business) emails of US neuroscientists. The best feature is that it also verifies the emails.

You can then export the lead list for further use.

The "social profile" function is currently in beta. It could not find my data from my LinkedIn profile.


Truly powerful. Truly creepy. Salespeople's delight. A strong argument pro Briefcase HQ.

The Briefcase HQ plan gives you 1500 monthly searches. If you are alone or have just a small team - that will keep you busy. This creep is a goldmine. I'd pay for that.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: Still creepy, still impressive.

Airstory Review


Airstory seems perfect for teams working on a publication/article together. It organizes content as "cards" and offers a browser extension that enables you to clip content (pictures, text, including the link) from any website. So far, so not truly unique.

Included templates help you to write content in an enticing way (unless the tool becomes too popular and everyone sounds alike).

It has integrations for WordPress and Zappier. You can set a deadline and word count goals. Also, you can import notes from Evernote. You have to add users to allow them to contribute.


I don't see myself using it. It's made for teams. Maybe I don't get it, but I don't see the market. A corporation where many people work on the same document already has a CMS, potentially with better integration to existing systems, intranet etc.

For a single writer ... I don't know. With Google blogger and my integrated blog (and even my email system), I had nothing but negative experiences with cut/paste text written in a different tool. Manually removing HTML from an ill-formatted text is a lot of nasty work.

I like working on Word documents together and so far have not discovered (or understood?) a feature Airstory offers that would make changing my ways attractive.

The extra features seem too minor to justify installing yet another browser extension (for their researcher (similar to Google keep, Evernote and many others - only it adds the cards to your document) or copy/paste text around. You can publish to WordPress and Zapier directly.

It might help people who have trouble keeping deadlines to organize themselves better. For free (included with Briefcase HQ) it could be interesting for some of you -  I would not pay for this.

Ok, I don't love it. But I will have a closer look before making a final judgment (;

You know what? If you use it - tell me how much time you save/how much better your texts are.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: I did not get into this. Perhaps it's better for people who curate more. I'm faster writing my articles directly in my blog.

THREE MONTHS LATER UPDATE: Invited two people to work together on a project, both hated it and found it overly complicated. We're back to Word.


? ???

Of all my readers, I am the one who knows least about ranking, SEO & Co. I probably should worry about ranking but ... as long as clients/profit is right ...

This seems to be a very strong SEO tool. But I don't have the expertise to judge this kind of software. I used to work with Web CEO but then. Just. Stopped.


The writer of this review has a fantastic feeling about this software from the presentation on their website but is lacking the knowledge to form an educated opinion. It's my new favorite SEO tool I don't use.

This might be a strong argument towards Briefcase HQ because you either don't have a professional (or limited) solution or you pay a lot of money.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: It tells me have a happymaking amount of keywords in the top 10. I don't mind it but as before - not my forte

CallPage Review

? ?????

CallPage is a tool that puts a call button on your website. Wait! Did you think "I already have one"? What makes this unique and fabulous is the integrated workflow. It automatically schedules the call. Are you having a long drink while you hang out at a pool? Cheers! This software captures the lead for you.

I'll show you a short video (made with another included app I will review later on)

It could not be stopped by my ad-blocker which is another great plus.

Flexible trigger rules, many integrations (API available too), easy setup, SMS, call support and so much more. You can set your own "office hours". I don't work at 8 am. Do not call me at 8 am. I will not call you at 8 am.

And if you have a small team you can just add their availability hours and make sure your prospects and clients get a callback right away.


This is AWE-SOME. How many "this is worth the subscription alone" products did we have already? Add this to the list. I have installed it only today, but there is no doubt in my mind that this will increase conversion. Also, it looks very professional. Good for small teams and freelancers alike.

This thing has so many features - close your eyes and visualize the perfect callback solution. You got it.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: This is awesome, I received additional calls. Also, I feel it looks professional without being overly annoying.

THREE MONTHS LATER UPDATE: I do get more calls because of this tool. There is also a certain amount of abuse. It does increase your call rate.

Epic Beat Review

I am not receiving messages from them and am waiting for the customer service. A review will follow. Their email server settings are wrong and my provider rejects their emails.

Briefcase HQ says about this: "EpicBeat brings you the trends, content, and influencers that are important to you."

UPDATE: Friendly customer service helped, review of this content curation tool will follow.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: Currently, I am not sure it's the best tool on the market. It has potential but - at least for my topics - the quality of content does not impress (too many blogger posts, too few scientfic articles)

THREE MONTHS LATER UPDATE: The quality of the curated posts is still mediocre or less. I stopped using it.

Amplifr Review

? ???

Amplifr is a social media post automation tool. It supports a wide range of social media outlets and comes with a ton of features.

What is important: You can choose different content (text) for different sites if you like. A 140 character post with hashtags does not look very convincing on LinkedIn.

AppSumo Black Review Amplifr


Amplifr is an ok tool that allows you to automate social media posting while still maintaining a "good" look. It is an argument pro Briefcase HQ.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: Still happy with it, even though I do not use Facebook, do not believe in auto posting on LinkedIn and use Social Jukebox for my Twitter automation.

THREE MONTHS LATER UPDATE: I use it for one of my accounts now that is outside of my Social Jukebox limit. It's ok, but having to schedule posts manually feels like 2002.

WhatAGraph Review

? ???

This tool is for marketers and allows the automated creation of social media reports. Everything is customizable so that digital agencies can create professional looking reports for their clients.

I don't need this tool but I know many of you will love it.

AppSumo Black Review WhatAGraph


WhatAGraph is great at what it does - if you need a tool like this,  you found another argument for Briefcase HQ.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: Recommended this to a friend who already made money with that tool. I did not use it after initial review.

CrankWheel Review

? ?????

AppSumo Black Review CrankWheel

CrankWheel is yet another highlight of this collection. It allows you to share your screen and do product demos. While there are other tools that can do that too, what I found worth mentioning is:

  • No software installation needed on the client*s end
  • You install a browser extension and are ready to go
  • Incredible speed. Even when I opened three browsers and visited my own screencast
  • Looks and runs awesome on mobile devices too
  • "Demo" button can be integrated with your site - if you are available in that moment, your prospect does not have to wait for days or fill out an endless form ... or shop around
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Setup time: 20 seconds for you - a click on a link for your client

This is a perfect solution for sales presentations and I am sure a salesperson invented this.


Perfect tool for instant sales presentations, product presentations.... Get it, you need this.  I have nothing more to add.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: Just: Yeah! Works like a (salesminded) charme.

CloudApp Review

? ?????

Yet another true highlight. I made the video and all screenshots in this review with CloudApp. I'll give you a short tour:

Tons and tons of features in a CPU friendly super-performant infrastructure.

  • Sharing
  • Annotations
  • Comments
  • Private/public
  • Download to your drive or a dozen of other platforms
  • Unlimited Screenshots
  • GIFs up to 1 minute each
  • 1 GB max. file size
  • 6 GB bandwidth daily

Should I ever cancel my AppSumo Black subscription (like if I get insane), I will buy this.


This tool rocks.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: I use this every day. Saving so much time through this extension. Before that, I had a tool for screencasts, an extension for screenshots and manually converted gifs from videos.

Fieldbook Review


It is supposed to be a better (in terms of simplicity and ease of use) Excel.
Please forgive me that I have not looked into this thoroughly. I don't use spreadsheets too much and I don't hate Excel. Or Google Sheets.
It's another tool where I don't understand the target market. Looks like templates.
Most people I know who (love to) hate Excel need the analytical functions. They seem to be missing. Salespeople overwrite their old forecasts. What's there to simplify about that?
I would not pay $25 monthly for this (I doubt many others will) and it did not excite me enough to look further into it. Perhaps they just did not explain it well.
But here's at least the start screen for you, maybe to you it's the answer to your Excel-hating prayers:
AppSumo Black Review Fieldbook

Reveal Review

Reveal is a Facebook ad automation tool. It's a bot.

Landingi Review

? ?????

Landingi is a perfect landing page creator. I feel landing page creators, at least the popular ones, have similar features these days. Therefore, the price is a factor.

It's similar (perhaps identical) to the landing page creators I paid $40 - $50 monthly. I am not sure how to calculate what I and what you will pay for a single tool from this collection of awesomeness.


Very nice landing page creator. You can cancel your existing subscription and will not miss a thing.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: I can only repeat: It does everything my $50 monthly tool did too.

Poplink Review

? ???

I used Poplink to create the window you see (or saw) at the bottom on the right. It is great at what it does. My only complaint: It requires iFrame and does not work with every link. Simple ad-blockers will not block it.

You share the link to an article and use it for lead-generation at the same time. It's customizable and you can brand it as you wish.

My concern with tools like this is that many people will perceive them as intrusive and forceful.


It's great at what it does. A general question is the acceptance of tools like this, especially in a corporate environment.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: I have only created one link. I feel it's not appropriate for LinkedIn.

THREE MONTHS LATER: I stopped using it. For my taste, it feels too creepy. A lot of people don't like that. That doesn't mean it's wrong for you too.

Bonsai Review

I am looking forward to trying out Bonsai. It is a tool for handeling contracts, propoals, and e-signing. As of yet, I could not redeem the Briefcase HQcode, but I am confident the Bonsai support will sort it out asap. Review will follow.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: Bonsai informed me that at this time it is not part of Briefcase HQ. Shame, I could have used the e-signing.

pCloud Review

? ?????

pCloud gives you 500 GB(!) of cloud storage. A neat feature is that you can create public and private folders with a click of your mouse. Synchronization is also very simple to set up and works smoothly.

They offer an upsell for encription.


One of the long list of highlights.

ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE: Works great, 220GB uploaded and counting.

THREE MONTHS LATER UPDATE: Love it. Upgraded my plan. I need SPACE.

Publicfast Review

Publicfast connects you with "influencers" if you are a brand and with brands if you are an "influencer". There seems to be a good amount of people. Because I do not use this kind of marketing and do not know of it, I'll leave it at that. Or maybe one remark: Engagement rates range from 10 % - over 1000 % so you are well advised to run a bot-check on the "influencer" you want to buy from.

I dislike everything about the concept and strongly doubt the quality of the "influencers" on this site. But if you want to risk buying clicks from accounts with potentially fake followers, give it a try.

There is a huge difference between having a large following (fake or not) and being able to influence people.

I know that nobody who influences me risks loosing the trust of his followers by selling out for a few cent.

AppSumo Black Review

Social Insider


Social Insider allows you to track the success (new posts, engagements, new followers etc) of Facebook pages.

Great for stalkers and spying on your competition.

People should spend their time watching their clients, prospects and use their energy to think about how they can add even more value.

I find this tool irrelevant. You don't know if followers and likes are real and waste time and energy you could use on moving forward.

Without a strategy, a tool like this is worthless. What are you going to do if your competitor wins or loses huge amounts of followers? Will you analyze his feed? And then?

How will you know if it's the result of something he did outside of Facebook? Perhaps Burger King and McDonald's enjoy watching their competition. I guess it's safe to say they have a strategy, manpower, a huge budget and won't use a tool that only works with one site.

Without a strategy and a more holistic view on things, this tool makes little sense.

I do not question the quality of the tool. I question its purpose and usefulness.

Before you use it to spy on exes: check out my main blog or homepage.

Briefcase HQ Review Conclusion

Let's just skip the "Pro/Con" section. We are talking about a package that offers 90 % of what you need to run AND grow your business.

Most companies in this area work with made-up value propositions, false urgency, they declare standard components as "free gifts" and use other practices to fool us and manipulate us.

I came across Briefcase HQ only 2 days ago.

Besides Briefcase HQ, they also offer time-limited deals where you can save up to 95% off the price of a software.

Often it is a lifetime license for a program you normally have to pay a monthly fee. Because I didn't know them, I ignored the warning that an offer will expire in 24 hours. Guess what: on the next day the offer was gone.

I loved it and I hated it. I hated it because I wanted that deal and I loved it because I learned that I can trust AppSumo.

Briefcase HQ is the best thing I came across since the invention of pizza and contact lenses.

Except for the click bait offer of "book like a boss", all of the offers are as good as promised.

I suggest that you sit down and calculate the worth for you.

  • Which applications do you need?
  • Besides: Which ones are nice to have?
  • Can you cancel existing subscriptions?
  • Did you pay for sub par software that can you replace with Briefcase HQ?

The introductory offer of just $49 per month will not be around for long.  Do yourself a favor: Don't miss out on this one. It's the best deal I have seen since 2015 when I first started my blog.

If you need another argument: THERE IS NO COMISSION FOR PROMOTING APPSUMO BLACK. Yet, I wrote the longest review/article of my life. Only my eBooks contain more text. It's pure love, my friends. ?

And if you are a profit-defying lunatic: make sure you at least sign up to AppSumo's newsletter. The offers are insane and so are the freebies.

I've never been as excited about the price/value of a software in my life. I think if you don't buy this I can't take your serious anymore.

Where to buy Briefcase HQ

Buy Briefcase HQ

Go to this site. Click on "Browse" in the top bar. Choose any free item (or one of the super deals). After that, wait for an email you receive the next day. 

Freebies (there you also see the crazy one-time offers and find a newsletter sign-up pop-up.

Learn from  my mistake. Two days ago I missed out on and on a deal because I believe that they are trying to create a false sense of urgency.

This offer will not be around for a long time, they do not even promote it on their main site. It's an introductory offer and the subscription price will explode. The pack already has an incredible value and new applications are being added every week.

Make sure you lock in your low price of $49 right now!

Buy Briefcase HQ

UPDATE November 2017

AppSumo has added several new tools. This post has become so large that it's hard to edit, I have reviewed the new additions in PART 2

Currently, AppSumo offers a free trial for Briefcase. The offer might be time-limited, as of November 2017 it's available HERE

Up your $$$ game!


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