AppSumo Briefcase Review - Update 1

The first part of the AppSumo Briefcase Review has become so big that I can hardly edit it (but I will have to because some vendors have added new functionality in the last two months.) You find it HERE

This update of November 2017 looks only at 4 tools that have been added since my original review and a new offer: A free 7-day trial that allows you to try out all of the tools.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 21: Another 5 tools have been added today. Read my review HERE

Again, the first 12 tools are reviewed HERE and I suggest you look at that too for the whole picture.

Currently, a free trial is available (scroll to the end if you don't want t wait.)

You might want to act fast as the free trial is marked as "temporarily available." My guess is that everyone will love the toolbox so much that they will not misuse the trial and it will become a permanent offer. But ... it's just a guess.

Newly added to AppSumo Briefcase:

AppSumo Briefcase Review Update 1

What is AppSumo Briefcase

AppSumo Briefcase is a growing set of tools that are available for a minor monthly membership fee. The fee of $49 monthly includes software, apps, and services worth thousands of dollars, even if you should just use a few.

It comes with a monthly $20 coupon so that the real price is just $29. The coupon can be used for AppSumo DEALS.

How is that possible?

AppSumo has a fanbase (customer base doesn't hit it in that case), called Sumo-Lings of hundreds of thousands of members. If a startup or established company needs a few thousand new clients at once, they can choose to create an insane offer for AppSumo.

The members get incredible deals and the vendor does not have to spend in classic marketing and receives immediate exposure. And a lot of cash for future development, even at an insane price.

What makes AppSumo so interesting is that the Owner, Olman, has a gift. He does not deliver the usual JVZOO type of ...... "products" (sorry, JVZOO) or the many offers that flood the market and give online marketers a bad reputation.

Olman finds one "the next big thing" after the next. My profile after just 3 months (yes, I'm anonymous and I don't have Sumo-Ling friends but I do look happy, don't I?):

AppSumo Review

And then he demands that Sumo-Lings must get lifetime access not only to the product but to future developments and features.

The love you hear in my voice might surprise you, given that you know that I am very critical about MLM, online business, affiliate marketing - just for the quality of many players in that space.

Actually, a lot of the AppSumo (Deal and Briefcase) components are suitable for B2B and Corporate as well.

SparkChart Review

(regular price $40 monthly/$400 monthly for organizations that need several accounts)

SparkChart is a professional grade survey tool. It appeals to both, Corporate and small businesses/freelancers. Included for free in the AppSumo Briefcase is the 40$ version that allows for unlimited surveys.

This tool will appeal to people who casually want to collect some feedback as well as professional marketing people and even data analysts.

Some of the features:

  • Everything that Survey Monkey offers and more
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Very strong statistical functions
  • Unlimited Questions, huge variety of options
  • Unlimited participants
  • Very responsive support
  • Nice looking and customizable templates
  • Whitelabel

I spoke to Mark, the Co-Founder and was very much impressed to learn about future developments.

Because of the very many options, it might look overwhelming at first (unless you have experience in that area.) That is where the extensive help offer comes in.

For every feature, every step there is a help file (video and text) available. Support is fast, personal and helpful.

You can see a test survey that I have created in 3 minutes HERE


This app would well be worth the regular price. VERY well. You will probably never again have the chance to get your hands on it for basically free. Very strong argument pro AppSumo Briefcase.


Linklay Review

Linklay is a tool that allows you to create shoppable images. Meaning you could post a picture on your blog/site and people can click on an anchor (or several) and directly buy the items by clicking on the picture.

When they scroll over an anchor, they see details such as product name, price (optional).

The plan included for free in AppSumo briefcase would cost $17 per month (paid annually.)

Obviously, this is a dream come true for anyone in retail or selling products.

Here is a picture to show you the panel when you're logged in (by the way, how cool would a T-shirt be with "My time is now" and the clock I created?)

Watch their video here:




It is a great tool with a big promise. The owners are very receptive to feedback and further improvements are to be expected.

In all honesty: I might or might no use it. It (currently) works with iFrame which might (or might not) impact the speed of your site.

I am not a technical person and I don't know that I expect wonders when I expect them. You can only use this pictures on sites where you can add HTML.

I can see how this is a wonderful tool for people who sell consumer goods, for instance, it must be a dream come true for someone selling interior.

For me as a coach .... perhaps I didn't understand the charm of an anchor yet, as opposed to simply adding a link to my picture which costs me 2 seconds.

It's nice to have, an argument pro AppSumo briefcase - I would not pay $17 per month for it. Depending on the nature of your business, it might be of great value to you.


iSpionage Review

I didn't do my homework regarding this tool. As you know by now, I am not strong on the technical or SEO end and only do/learn what I have to run my coaching business. I don't do paid advertising and have no experience with that.

I have heard from others that they complain about the international capabilities of this tool (seems to be currently US only and a bit of Canada) and that it is not strong when it comes local level and long-tail keywords.

Being appalled by the name alone, I am unable to judge if this is a good tool for a lack of knowledge in that area.


I have heard some critical voices but lack the knowledge in the area PPC to have an opinion. To me, creating fabulous content seems a better investment of your time than "spying on your competitors."

Many of you are of a different opinion. So you tell me if this is any good. In any way, if you do like it that alone would equal the AppSumo Briefcase fee.


Viral Loops Review

Another true highlight and newly added is Viral Loops.

It allows you to create sharing- and referral campaigns and even supports offline campaigns. You might know from my Upviral Review that I am interested in such tools.



It is a powerful tool with a lot of options. Fraud detection is included as well.

The plan included in AppSumo briefcase runs for $199 per month.



There are still a few minor issues I would like to see resolved (i.e. lack of simple integrations.)

The one thing that is currently not true is that the support is "Awesome". If any "awe" it is awful. The reason for this is likely that thousands of new customers in a few days caused temporary problems. I will update you. It's very understandable that a small business could get behind when bombarded by thousands of tickets.


Viral Loops is an incredible tool. Even if you had no interest in any of the other 16 tools included in AppSumo briefcase and would not use the $20 Coupon for AppSumo Deals you would save $150 per month if you just use this.

Minor flaws are normal for a young company and do not tarnish the experience.

Am I willing to learn for (saving) $2400 per year how to work with Zapier to integrate AWeber? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Viral Loops is a very, very strong argument pro AppSumo Briefcase. It's an incredible value. Review

This is going to be difficult. Let me say upfront: 9 out of 10 people LOVE this.

I purchased the deal before it became part of AppSumo Briefcase and requested a refund. Again, keep in mind: An opinion is biased and all it is is a subjective viewpoint.



I'll make it quick and get it over with. I will have to say the worst thing I ever said or thought about anything related to AppSumo:

"Wow ... I just had a JVZOO moment

I am very disappointed by the videos. I can see by the high rating for this product that I am alone with my opinion.

I did not expect "Masterclasses" to consist of 2-5 minute videos. Naturally, the time is not enough to teach anything but to merely make a statement. I give it 1 taco because it was not marketed as that but serious training.

Watched a few videos in the leadership section. In my definition, they do not consist of leaders talking about leadership (even if they were longer than 2-5 minutes) but product guys mentioning an idea (which is not a bad thing unless you put a false label on it.)

Neither "how to get more clicks" nor "how to sell more products" are Leadership training per my definition.

It's probably worth the price for the tools if you need them. But the tools were free add-ons to the main product, which are the "in-depth masterclasses" and perhaps "personal mentoring." Only one tool (as far as I could see) is not provided by the vendor himself.

Clarity is a free site. The "direct access to mentors" is a link to a site that's free anyway. And operated by the seller of this product.

If I've learned anything it's how to get sign-ups for your services. But then again I've learned more than anything else what I already knew: Be honest, don't take your customers for idiots.

Perhaps the live events and daily emails are better but the company has lost my trust and I won't wait for them. After the first negative impression, I would expect upsell-shows.

I feel cheated and tricked. My other over 30 AppSumo product did not create fake value propositions or declare free services as "gifts". They gave what they promised or more.

This deal is good to remind me what I LOVE LOVE LOVE about AppSumo. This site typically offers awesome deals from honest vendors.

PS: I can already smell annoying upsell emails coming my way and will return this right away."


You might have sensed that I am not too fond of this offer. To me, it is exemplary for why the vast majority of new online businesses fail.  This does not teach you how to run a successful business and become a successful entrepreneur or leader.

(Self-employed people like me are not entrepreneurs. Neither are bloggers, affiliate marketers and such.

Leadership is an ambitious term, influencing some people to buy my products or services does not make me a leader.)

Also, it showcases the kind of behavior I keep talking against.

The vendor had money in his mind, the people contributing 2-minute "in-depth classes" had self-promotion in mind. Each of the "teachers" makes 100 and more times the value available on their free YouTube channels.

Who had me, the buyer, in mind?

This offer (when it was sold as a separate deal, not as a free part of AppSumo Briefcase) is exemplary, in my opinion, for what gives affiliate marketing & Co a bad reputation. I would like to point out once more that I was pretty much alone with my opinion.

Ok. Next.

Slideshop Review

Just wonderful.



SlideShop offers professional grade PowerPoint templates.

With over 15K sets, you find something for every scenario and for every business. The support is incredibly professional, helpful and good.

With 20 free sets each month, you're all set. The download comes in two sizes (I estimate it's 3:4 and 16:9) which I consider another benefit.


A good argument pro AppSumo Briefcase. Everything works as it should and the templates are terrific. I a not sure how realistic the regular asking price of the vendor would be - as Sumo-Lings we don't have to worry about that.


PixelMe Review

PixelMe is a tool that allows you to create short links and make every shortlink a retargeting machine. The plan included in AppSumo briefcase runs at $20 monthly.

I have heard good things about this tool.


I have no interest in tracking my visitors or unsuspecting people who click on my links. See: Are you a digital stalker?

Also, as a growing number of people, I am using a script blocker. I think it is shady to track people without their consent - which this tool allows you to do.

If that is what you want to do, this seems to be a good tool. As I said, I heard good things about it.

I do not believe marketing should be a war against buyers and I recommend that if your business operates on an international level you check the relevant laws, especially if you are doing business with the EU.


Last thoughts

The offer of AppSumo briefcase is so good that I lack words to describe it. I can't see why anyone in any kind of business would not buy this right away.

Once more the link where I look at the first 12 products LINK

Where to buy AppSumo Briefcase

As I mentioned, currently you can get a free trial HERE

Should that link not work anymore (please be a dear and let me know), the trial has ended and you can buy with 30-day money back guarantee HERE

Up your $$$ game!


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