AppSumo Briefcase Review Update 2

Please refer to my original AppSumo Briefcase Review:

AppSumo Briefcase Review (formerly AppSumo Black)

AppSumo Briefcase Review Update 

This toolset for anyone with a website, blog or online business now has 34 tools. 4-6 are being added monthly and I will keep you updated.

I will add a detailed review of each tool as soon as I had time to properly test them. Several appointments and projects of my Coaching Business make it necessary to postpone this until I have free time.

The reason this post can't wait is that AppSumo Briefcase has set up an incredible Black Friday deal that is only available for 5 days. Do not fret if you read this too late, the AppSumo Briefcase meanwhile contains so many tools that a $100 Amazon gift card and another $100 in credits don't make that much of a difference.

Black Friday special with gift cards: HERE

If you don't know what AppSumo Briefcase is please refer to the links above (AppSumo Briefcase Review/AppSumo Briefcase Review Update.) They cover the first 28 tools included in the Briefcase subscription.

Here is a quick video with an overview of AppSumo Briefcase:

AppSumo Briefcase Review Update 2


New additions to AppSumo Briefcase November 21th:

Clipman Review

In my opinion, this tool is so basic that it's not even worth my time to find a picture.

It is a "video ad creator."

You will find fake 5-star reviews all over the internet. That's an indicator it could have been on JVZOO. Read my JVZOO review here.

Very limited customization capabilities and very few templates make this product uninteresting unless you see its potential and have faith in the future development. You can't even change the length of your video or add your own music. Stock photos are not included and longer text is not supported (or not readable.)

Being able to produce something fast because it's well thought out is productive. Being able to produce a video in 2 minutes because you can hardly customize it ... not so much.

For you, I have checked the Founder of Clipman and noticed that he has about 30 video products out there that all die a quick death. The founder speaks about Explaindio on his YouTube channel (my other 1-star review.)

This one tool does not take away from the value of AppSumo Briefcase.

My opinion: Just ignore it and enjoy the other 43 tools.

Grum Review

Grum is an automation tool. You can schedule your Instagrams post with it comfortably. I have played around with it and did not find anything to dislike.

If automating your Instagram posts is what you want to do - you just found your tool to do it.


DesignBold Review

DesignBold is an Online Photo Editor Design Studio. My first impression is that it's a "better Canva." The difference to Stencil (reviewed HERE) is that it has a stronger emphasis on creating content like letterheads, while Stencil is much stronger on the Icon side and also contains Quotes.

Both are powerful tools with incredible amounts of pre-made templates and pictures.

It's a brilliant tool. The only reason I will not be using it is that I am used to Stencil. The choice is yours. Both tools are included in AppSumo Briefcase.


Planable Review

Planable is a social media post collaboration tool. It seems to excel when it comes to discussing social media posts before they go live. As I do not have employees, I will probably not review this in more detail.

Companies like McDonalds, Motorola, VW and many other use it.


KingSumo Review

KingSumo is an outstanding WordPress plugin that allows you to create viral giveaways. Right from your desktop, you can set up your campaigns within minutes.

Sadly, they stopped maintaining it long before they put it on their site for a few quick bucks. If you're into php errors, this is your tool.

While it is great at that, I personally prefer Viralloo (see the first AppSumo Briefcase Review HERE) because it has more possibilities. It takes longer to set up, though.

If you use WordPress and want to create giveaways quickly, this is a magnificent tool for you.

I have not yet looked deeper into the fraud protection features and will update you soon. The tool is made by AppSumo themselves so that I will probably come to love it as soon as I have more time to play with it. It's another $199 tool thrown into your briefcase. Review is obviously something I love. You could say "competition" as I also offer brainwave entrainment. This online radio has apps for all of your mobile devices as well and offers music for meditation, stress release, lucid dreaming and similar activities.

It's awesome and since today also included for free in your AppSumo Briefcase subscription. While the monetary benefit (3,99$ per month) is not as significant as with other deals, support to reduce stress is invaluable.

Would you like to have a look at my brainwave entrainment offer? To receive a free educational email series and a taste of my music sign up  HERE

I also offer custom brainwave entrainment with a commercial license - your choice of music style (it doesn't always have to be new-age!) can add an additional edge to your projects!


Ok. So much for today. As I said, I have today only quickly looked into the new tools and will post detailed reviews as soon as I have inspected them properly.

Learn more and get your free AppSumo Briefcase trial HERE

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