AppSumo suddenly not paying refunds?


While not confirmed, I received a message from a member that claims they were told if they keep asking for refunds AppSumo would disable their account. Again, this is not confirmed but a message I received from a reader of this blog. However, more messages about unpaid refunds are coming in.

If AppSumo adds problems with refunds to fake reviews and censored comments, it becomes hardly recognizable as the company we loved so much.


An increasing number of users report that they're not receiving refunds from AppSumo. Apparently, they disabled automatic refunds and their autoresponder states the support would respond in 5-7 business days.

However, users report that they're waiting for 2 or even 3 weeks and are not receiving their refund or as much as a response.

Readers of my blog know I was the biggest AppSumo fan ever. It was love. I felt let down (not because of vendors that didn't keep their "lifetime" promise) when the issue with fake reviews started.

I still have faith in them and am convinced they will address and solve the issue.

Why is AppSumo not paying refunds?

Interestingly enough, they approve reviews and comments daily. That implies the support is staffed and working. Instead of wild speculations, customers would like transparent information. When there's a problem, proactive and honest communication is key.

A situation where a company of the size and success of AppSumo doesn't refund users, of which some potentially really need the money, is not good.

I'll update this post as I learn new information about the refund issue with AppSumo.

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