AppSumo Review

My AppSumo Review might come out as a love song. As you can see on the picture below, I did quite some shopping since I joined less than a month ago.

Because of the nature of this site, it will be hard to review it without getting you too excited (you'll understand what I mean very soon.)



What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is a site for everyone who does anything on the internet. They work with mainly new and upcoming companies who, instead of expensive marketing campaigns, want to gain popularity and potentially some cash for the "war chest." by taking advantage of AppSumo's HUGE user base (SumoLings.)

Most of the time, they offer lifetime access to a software/training that normally costs a monthly fee. Their condition is that it has to be the best deal the vendor ever offered. And it has to be exclusive to AppSumo and unique.

I could not quantify the savings. I have purchased products that range from regularly $8 per month to $297 per month for a one-time-fee of $39/$49.

"Lifetime" is relative. Obviously, nobody knows how long a company is in business or when technology will make certain applications unnecessary and how the vendors will evolve their solutions.

The deals are all either time-limited or only a certain amount is available.

What is special about AppSumo?

Sites like JVZoo (see my review HERE) also offer products from new vendors. Many of them are crap, some cross the line to scam, spam and the others ... well, are not in good company.

The owner of AppSumo has a unique hand in picking out the "next great thing" companies.

AppSumo Review

The difficult part ...

I will only share some basic info about the deals I purchased there. Why? How often did you hear me speak out against creating a false sense of urgency, made up value prepositions and "time-limited" offers and "gifts" that will still be there in a day, a month and a year?

AppSumo does not do any of that. Besides the deal I purchased today, all of the deals have ended. Regarding the value proposition, you can go to the websites of the vendors at any time and see for yourself what they usually charge.

Some of the unbelievably great things I purchased from AppSumo (all for lifetime at a one-time cost of max $49)

  • Cloud Storage (sophisticated!)
  • Presentation Software (from a sales guy for salespeople. Simple and good)
  • Membership/Training Site (that is the deal that would cost $297 per month)
  • Professional Slide Templates
  • Landing page builder
  • Incredible graphics program

... and 23 more. Including CRM, sophisticated call widget, booking system ...


I read somewhere you have to put some negative points for else your review does not seem legit.

I have not noticed anything negative during my first 29 purchases. Not a thing.

There was one product I was not in love with - the refund process is as simple as one click with your mouse (no kidding.)

A "Pro" list also seems unnecessary. Incredible deals accompanied by great customer service, accommodating return policy - heart, what more could you wish for?

Why don't you read more about AppSumo?

As I mentioned in my MailChimp review: The internet is plastered with fake reviews from people who never touch the items they review. Often, their reviews are up before a product even gets released.

They know how to rank and dominate the web and they are motivated by money.

AppSumo has a referral program but it pays 80% less than the market average. Reviewing it for financial gain does not make sense.

If you come across an AppSumo review it's safe to assume that you read the words of an actual buyer - and fan.


C'mon ... what can I say? AppSumo has helped me

  • to save money (I could cancel several pricey subscriptions)
  • do things I did better and
  • more professional/efficient
  • prepare for the next phase of growth

Don't worry about the deals you have missed. Make today your first day of incredible, yes, unbelievable deals that will help you skyrocket your business!

Visit AppSumo HERE


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PS: Update

AppSumo Review

Up your $$$ game!


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