Honest GetResponse Review

Quick Review of GetResponse GetResponse the Blacklist King This is going to be a quick review. I was a customer of GetResponse for about 10 minutes today. After a few issues with my current provider I decided it´s time for a change. I looked around for the best autoresponder solution. The internet is plastered with […]

Difference between MLM and Pyramid Scheme

How to spot a Pyramid Scheme Opportunity or Scam? Many new Online Marketers are not aware of the fact that pyramid schemes are illegal. To add injury to insult, the majority of people who spend money on a pyramid scheme end up with losses. The damaged reputation is free.  Most pyramid schemes are pretty good […]

3 Crucial Tips for New Online Businesses

3 reasons why new Online Businesses fail 1. Tools for Online Businesses Rule Number One: Spending your days evaluating the next "greatest thing of all time" will not help you with your business. Tools have certain functions and some are better than others. Some systems work better than others - but no system you do […]

Do you still need Business Cards?

The Case of Business Cards Outdated or still a thing? I am reading many articles that state that Business Cards are over. In times of smartphones, emails and such many people do not see a reason to have them anymore. Especially Online Entrepreneurs, Website Owners and Affiliate Marketers are of the opinion that Business Cards […]

Start your Online Psychic Business

This niche is especially popular with women. It can be a great way of making a lot of money by helping other people - but most people fail because they do it all wrong. Profitable Niche:  Online Psychic Business How to make your Psychic business successful Generally speaking, there are two groups of people who […]

Comcast Data Cap and Net Neutrality

Comcast introduces data cap Voted the 4th most hated company Polarizing Seattle-based mass media company Comcast starts implementing data caps in markets from Alabama to Maine. In these "trial" markets, the new data limit is 300 GB.  Users who exceed this limit will be charged $ 10 for every 50 GB over the limit. Recent […]

The LinkedIn trick nobody tells you

Marketing on LinkedIn A simple but effective trick A lot of marketers - out of enthusiasm or because they just don´t care if they spam - make a crucial mistake on LinkedIn. They send marketing messages to people they otherwise do not interact with. LinkedIn connections are valuable and should be treated as such. LinkedIn […]

Do you need Klout ( - A Review

Review of   Is Klout scam or useful? Klout is a site that claims to help people and companies to "unlock their influence". Basically, you connect all of your social networking sites and Klout scores you from 1 - 100. They claim that over 200K companies and over 620 million users use Klout. Keep those […]

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