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Security Risk Sticky Passwords - DO NOT USE

When I tried to figure out why a stalker (see: still can access my accounts and passwords after I reset the master password of Sticky Passwords, I came across a few quite peculiar identities. Sticky Passwords is a security nightmare Fun fact: Sticky Password deleted my paid lifetime account under my clicks. That likely […]


I've recently discovered another GPL store that I like and want to share with you: Besides the "classic" collection, I noticed that they store has most (or all?) major Oxygen builder plugins available. I like that you can buy lifetime updates for single plugins, and they are inexpensive. The site also offers monthly and […]

Review of Creaite - Worst AI Writer

Creaite ( by Joshua Zamora might be the worst "AI" writer on the market. It's yet another one of the low-quality upsell "products" sold on JVZoo. I am writing this quick review for you, because as ususal, it's nearly impossible to find an honest review of someone who actually tried the software. JVZoo affiliates plaster […]

AppSumo suddenly not paying refunds?

UPDATE While not confirmed, I received a message from a member that claims they were told if they keep asking for refunds AppSumo would disable their account. Again, this is not confirmed but a message I received from a reader of this blog. However, more messages about unpaid refunds are coming in. If AppSumo adds […]

Scam Warning gplcrafter maxxwp pressdiscounter

A quick warning about a fraudulent "GPL" seller with ever-changing domain names. Currently known names that run the same scheme:,,

How to Get Fake Reviews on Appsumo

Have you seen lately? These phony reviews are taking over. Are fake reviews on Appsumo becoming a problem?

How to recruit top affiliates

Imagine you created an incredible product, and the world doesn't care. How to recruit affiliates that help you grow your business?

How to monetize MIT App Inventor Apps with Admob Adsense

So you invested hours, days, months into creating your app with MIT App Inventor and you're looking for the place to add your AdMob code. And where is the switch to sell in-app digital goods with Play or Apple billing? You realize that there's no (easy) way to monetize your apps. Google searches show hardly any […]

Cloudapp Security Warning Security Risk

Avoid Cloudapp custom domain at all costs This is a quick Cloudapp security risk warning: For the second time, one of my sites received a manual strike from Google for security problems. Someone hijacked a sub-domain, pointing to Cloudapp and used it for malware distribution. Upon several requests, Cloudapp could not provide a satisfying (or […]

Is an Inc. verified listing worth it?

In case you didn't know: Inc. offers a what they call "verified listing" for the small annual fee of $30. Their marketing scripts are well written and it sounds like a great opportunity to get additional eyes on you. You're able to add your company info (address, a sentence about your mission) and your entry […]

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