Brain Entrainment Audio for Commercial Use

Seductive Offer for Online Businesses and Coaches

Did you ever watch a movie, presentation or advertisement and thought it's the music that entices, convinces, excites, thrills and seduces you? Even sells you?

Perhaps you have already looked at the prices of royalty free audio and were deeply disappointed about the generic stuff you could get at a high dollar.

I started a few years ago to create my own brain entrainment audio. Generic stuff is not good enough. My clients deserve the best - and so do I.

How about you? What if I told you you can own and distribute your unique, custom-tailored audio?

What would it mean to your clients, listeners and yourself if you could

  • Increase focus of your listeners
  • Help your clients to learn faster
  • Enable your clients to speed up their goal achievement
  • Create an atmosphere that multiplies what you are trying to convey
  • Perfect sometimes boring presentations with professional audio
  • Enhance your message/teachingor
  • Treat yourself to high-quality sessions as individual as your requirements?
From faster learning to stress management, better sleep - brain entrainment is as unlimited as the power of your brain.


I work with music optimized to enhance and complement brainwave entrainment. In certain limits, you can even choose the style you prefer (electronic, meditative, relaxing, mood ... ). You choose if the brain stimulation is subtle or dominant.You even decide title and lengths of your very own 256Kbps (!) file!

And it's getting even better. How about adding subliminal messages?***

Please read the Disclaimer before listening to any kind of brain entrainment audio.

*** for full effect use headphones

Sample of 6 sessions from my latest album.

What you can do with your audio

  • Use it for your projects (videos, presentations, podcasts) or training
  • Sell it to your clients
  • Bundle it with your product
  • Offer it as freebie

What you can not do

  • Distribute the reseller rights

What will not happen is

  • That you pay a lot of money and end up with a "royalty free" piece used by hundreds or thousands of your competitors
  • That you have to compromise for an available piece that serves your purpose just ok

What you get

  • A 15 - 60-minute piece custom made MP3 to allow you offer value to your clients, make your presentations more compelling ...
  • Commercial license that allows you to use your audio for your projects and distribute it

When you get it

  • Delivery time is up to 4 days

5-minute sample

I bet that right now two hearts are beating in your chest. One is excited because it sees the value of such an individual unique track.

The other expects that a service like this must be very pricey and cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

It would be worth it. But I want to give every small business, solopreneur, and individual the opportunity to get their own track.

What are you waiting for? Right after the checkout you will be redirected to a questionnaire that collects all the info needed so you can own your custom track in a few short days!

Own the power of brainwave stimulating music now!


Choose your option
Custom session for personal use $120.00 USD Custom session with commercial license $150.00 USD Custom session with subliminal $210.00 USD

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Up your $$$ game!


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