Build my List Review, Jimmy Kim

UPDATE 2017: Time has gone by since this article was posted. In 2017, this functionality is nothing you have to spend money on. The features are included in all landing page creature software nowadays.

Jimmy is one of the cool kids. The kind you want to hang around with. He is also one of the knowledgeable kids.

This review is evaluating the person as much as the product. Obviously, I am a member of the program. Sadly, most reviews are written by individuals who .... let´s say: work on assumptions.

Review of Build My List, Jimmy Kim

What is Build my List? It is
  • training
  • a product
  • a method
  • a concept and
  • a community
All new online entrepreneurs soon learn: They know what they want to promote, but they have no one to promote it to. Especially in the beginning, a blog just does not cut it.
BML addresses and solves this problem. Step by step it teaches online entrepreneurs how to grow massive lists. It provides not just the knowledge but also the tools. Tons of bonuses complete the product. It even includes three months of free email automation. That is more than enough to get you started and keep your expenses low while you grow.
Here is a screenshot from the member portal:


You will find hours of training in your member portal as well as information on every single step you need to take. One of the many bonuses is a PLR (private label right) eBook that you can use as a freebie right away to grow your list.
Especially new online entrepreneurs often do not have enough knowledge to put together an eBook of their own (which I would recommend for a later time though).
By now you will probably think: "Gosh, it´s one of the two k programs again ... I don´t have 2k right now."
Well, it´s not. Rest assured.

Who needs BML?

In my opinion every beginner in the business and anyone who does not have a list with as few as 10 k subscribers.
Another factor about being your own boss is that many miss their colleagues. It can get lonely out there. Or better: In there (if you work from home).
I also strongly recommend it to anyone who just functions more efficient in a motivated, supportive community. The FB group of BML is extremely active and whatever question you might have - you will get an answer within minutes. Often by Jimmy himself.

The good and the bad

  • Step by step approach teaches you to play in the big leagues
  • Extensive deliverables
  • Very active community
  • Excellent pre- and after-sale support
  • Incredible pricing. The bonuses alone would be worth about ten times the cost of the whole program
  • Once he has you on his list, Jimmy will relentlessly try to upsell you to other products (;
  • Only available in English
  • Digital downloads only

Final Verdict

When I started with Jimmy my list was about 200 people. Two short weeks later I was already at 1,6 K. The charm is that the knowledge and skills you learn will be yours forever.
Give this one a try. As always: 30 days money back guarantee.

Where to buy

You can buy or just grab a free eBook that will be helpful in itself HERE
Let me know your results with BML!
PS: I launched my first product a few days ago. Jimmy told me he would promote it only after I showed him a great EPC. Jimmy, Jimmy ... I thought you were a visionary. A pioneer. Well, he is not. But maybe you are? If so click HERE


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