How to Get Fake Reviews on Appsumo

Have you seen lately? These phony reviews are taking over. Are fake reviews on Appsumo becoming a problem?

Is an Inc. verified listing worth it?

In case you didn't know: Inc. offers a what they call "verified listing" for the small annual fee of $30. Their marketing scripts are well written and it sounds like a great opportunity to get additional eyes on you. You're able to add your company info (address, a sentence about your mission) and your entry […]

Amazon is not blocking VPN connections completely

UPDATE For now, Amazon allows the use of your hardware again, I can imagine a lot of people were complaining. That does not change the fact that they tried. Amazon goes Orwellian Since the latest software update, that you cannot reject as Amazon forces it on their devices, trying to use a VPN connection renders […]

Is AppSumo going down the drain?

Update February 2019: You might have noticed that I hardly ever recommend AppSumo deals anymore. Here is why: AppSumo is still a great place to find deals. But it's not a place anymore you can trust blindly. Some "deals" are not of the quality they used to be. They're merely slight discounts. Others are great […]

Facebook's new data privacy nightmare Onavo

  Spyware in disguise - Onavo Onavo is the name of Facebook's newest trick to get even more of your data. It's easy to follow you around while you're using a desktop computer or laptop. But it's much harder to collect your mobile data as soon as your outside of the Facebook app. As more […]

Geo Country IP Block

I'm about to do something horrible and it's really hard on me. This article is just reflection. It does not contain any advice, review or anything like that. My coaching blog ( has more and more and more problems with spam, hackers, scrapers and other negative occurrences. News like this are not news anymore. It […]

Facebook / Google - War on the Expense of the Consumer

  What is the Google : Facebook about? Yesterday, Google announced that they will remove their YouTube app from all Fire devices. Fire phones, Fire TV, Fire Stick, Fire Tablet as well as Echo. I don't know how you feel about the politics between Google and Amazon. I, for one, am getting pretty tired of […]

Why I don't believe in Millennial Marketing

Today I wanted to take a little break and tried to install a PC Game from 1994. It's about a private investigator named Tex Murphy. I recently discovered the 2014 episode of the Tex Murphy series, Tesla Effect, and was intrigued by it. Drawn into the story. So much so that I purchased the other […]

The Myth of Personal Branding

The myth of personal branding is told often these days. You have to be a brand. "I can help you to build your personal brand!", says nearly everyone. There are social media sites that can help you become a brand, tools, methods - I'm sure if I do a search on Amazon, I'll find a […]

The surprising danger of being a blogger

  The surprising danger of being a blogger? Blogging sounds like a pretty safe job to me. Marian was a frustrated insurance agent when she discovered blogging back in 2011. At first, it was a side-hustle. But as the number of viewers grew, so did her confidence. She felt proud of what she had achieved. […]

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