How to recruit top affiliates

Imagine you created an incredible product, and the world doesn't care. How to recruit affiliates that help you grow your business?

Why I don't believe in Millennial Marketing

Today I wanted to take a little break and tried to install a PC Game from 1994. It's about a private investigator named Tex Murphy. I recently discovered the 2014 episode of the Tex Murphy series, Tesla Effect, and was intrigued by it. Drawn into the story. So much so that I purchased the other […]

The Myth of Personal Branding

The myth of personal branding is told often these days. You have to be a brand. "I can help you to build your personal brand!", says nearly everyone. There are social media sites that can help you become a brand, tools, methods - I'm sure if I do a search on Amazon, I'll find a […]

Is your niche profitable?

    Early this morning¬†I had the pleasure of working with Emma. Emma is a small business owner from Sussex, England. She contacted me because she wanted to learn techniques for effective stress management. After a car accident and three back surgeries, Emma has trouble walking. She decided to start an online business. Emma has […]

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