How to install Nord VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick

UPDATE FEB 2018: NordVPN now has an app that runs on Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick. Sadly, the app is lacking the kill-switch feature you're used to from their fabulous desktop and mobile app. UPDATE JAN 2018: Amazon has released a new update that makes the use of VPN impossible. For now. What […]

Should you block bot traffic?

Why I block bot traffic Recently my site has become pretty popular. Especially with bots. Even though I upgraded my hosting, my site was hardly able to cater hundreds of visitors every second. "Visitors" might not be the appropriate term because most of them were not human. I am not talking about spam bots. I […]

Why you need your own online presence

Don't rely on social media alone You started on social media in recent times and you soon have realized one thing: You're late to the party. Your quality content receives hardly any attention. Sometimes you're lucky and a well-connected person interacts with your post which gives it a boost. Even your own followers hardly ever […]

Beardvertising - an innovative advertising approach

Coming up with brilliant marketing ideas is like hunting the holy grail these days. With too much, too aggressive and too salesy advertisements all around us, we have become numb and defensive. We install ad-blockers, we stop taking calls from unknown numbers, we block spam - our guards go up as soon as we spot […]

About Twitter Auto Messages With Link

One of the most famous German runway coaches is a guy who seems to be lacking motoric skills. Still, he creates stars. I saw a documentary about him perhaps 12 years ago.  Oh, and I also remember the huge soccer coach. He was never an active player and his weight would make it impossible for […]

Viraloo Review Warning

Wow, I really don't like to write negative reviews. But I feel if something annoyed me it's common decency to let you know. Tomorrow or so I can luckily share about a fabulous tool I discovered for you. Viraloo Review You know .. Viraloo makes the typical "get viral, rich and immortal overnight" claims. As you […]

Explaindio Review - Do not buy

This review does not contain an affiliate link. For if you are still willing to buy after you read this, I failed and do not deserve to be paid. Explaindio 3 Review I will sort my concerns into technical and ... I nearly want to say "ethical". This review will be relatively short because I […]

Are you a digital stalker?

About remarketing, privacy and intrusive advertising Most of the time, I am using an aggressive script blocker. I don't see a lot of advertising. But now and then, I pause my script blocker to use the full function of a site. Isn't it funny? Most of the "free offers" are not free - I offer […]

88 % Of New Business Fails In 90 Days

Train your brain for success If you feel like: ... click on the nose below to access the payout desk.

HONEST Carvly Review

I am tired of fake reviews When I came across Carvly after reading a raving review I did my homework. I searched the web for more reviews. The concept of Carvly is phenomenal. I was sceptical because the suggested content of delivery includes Automating social media posts on all common sites AI creates posts for […]

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