AdSense Alternatives For New Blogs

"Your blog does not qualify for Adsense." "Your account has been temporarily disabled/deactivated." Your blog/website is new. No one wants you. What to do? Wait until you have 50 k visitors? No way! Here is the thing with AdSense: There are thousands and thousands of complaints about AdSense out there. It seems that many do […]

"Maybe Traffic" Is Not a Currency

Originally I just wanted to share how I felt when I received another request today for contributing to another site. Then the article grew and now also contains info on the marketing instruments that did help me to increase the number of people following my content. Writing for Free If you follow this blog chances […]

Review of UpViral Wilco de Kreij

Who is Wilco de Kreij Wilco and I have a bit of history. I was mad at him for a few weeks. When he was testing his newest "baby", UpViral, I came across his beta-test in which he used unsuspecting Entrepreneurs as guinea pigs. He talks about this test in a video on the SITE. […]

Google Play Music vs. Prime Music

Comparison of Google Play and Amazon I am an Amazon Prime member so that I have free access to their "Prime Music". Prime music is a full-scale music subscription.  One would think that because of that I have a strong bias towards Amazon. And I had. Amazon used to be my favorite company for many years. […]

Getting Serious About Social Media

Why Killem FTW is my favorite crazy kid I´ll admit it openly. I am not good when it comes to social media ... you are just better at things you love. Someone who rocks social media and loves it is British Killem FTW. I am not sure if you would call it a subculture or […]

List Building Opportunity - Personal Development

The List Building Event of the Year! The best reward is helping as many people as possible to a better life. To be able to help people we must reach them first.  I don´t have an event picture so I will just add one of myself as I am joining this event to promote my […]

RIP Amazon - I once loved you

Amazon is going down For many years, Amazon was my favorite company. Best customer service, best assortment, best prices, fastest shipping - best everything. They seemed to take the growth step from a medium to a huge company effortlessly. Not anymore. Amazon now sucks like a Microsoft, Comcast or any giant company who has been […]

Why Apple Watch is underrated

A functionality review of Apple Watch I have to admit it: When I first read about Apple watch I posted something ugly like: "Great, now you can spot idiots from a mile away." In my defense: The article stated it would cost $ 5000. Sometimes I still try to cover it, but that is silly […]

Stealth Seminar Review

Good - Expensive - Horrific Stealth Seminar is one of the most professional webinar software I have evaluated. This software can integrate with basically every CRM system and email system you can imagine. That is good. It is more expensive than for instance Everwebinar that offers a similar amount of sophisticated features, but you have […]

Run A Webinar Review

Inexpensive, scalable webinar software The number 2 of my webinar solution evaluation goes to Run A Webinar. This could well be the most affordable scalable solution you will find on the market. Based on Amazon´s S3 (not google hangouts) you can hold meetings with an unlimited amount of guests. Amazon is said to be more […]

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