Do you still need Business Cards?

Do you still need business cards?The Case of Business Cards

Outdated or still a thing?

I am reading many articles that state that Business Cards are over. In times of smartphones, emails and such many people do not see a reason to have them anymore.

Especially Online Entrepreneurs, Website Owners and Affiliate Marketers are of the opinion that Business Cards are a relict of the 90ties.

They are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

I believe that every online business owner, entrepreneur, blogger and even affiliate marketer should have Business Card.

Here is why:

Are business cards outdated?
  • You meet a lot of people in your everyday life. You might not be close enough to that person to say: Hey, get your smart phone out, let´s exchange addresses. But you can leave a Business Card. 
  • Business Cards are a great tool for branding. 
  • The backside can be used to place a call for action.
  • There are still people who only use the internet to place an order or look something up. 
  • Business Cards have a certain sophistication about them. People perceive someone with a proper Business Card as a "professional". 
  • Often people pass a Business Card on to a friend that might be interested in your service or site. 
  • There are outlets in many places like restaurants where you can leave a staple of your Business Cards.
  • The number of people who collect Business Cards in a folder might be growing smaller - but they still exist. Guess if those people look in their folder or search their online contacts when they need something?
  • Business Cards make it more likely that a person remembers you. 
  • Especially as the number of people who think cards are outdated is growing you can stand out. When did helping a woman out of her coat become outdated? The guys who still do it gain a lot of sympathy points. 

Tips for designing your Business Cards

Keep it Professional

  • It might be tempting to put colorful graphics on your cards - but don´t do that. It makes it impossible to scan the card and it looks unprofessional on top. An exception might be designers and similar professions - but they have studied the psychology of colors and such and know what they are doing. 
  • Simple and elegant is the way to go. Most vendors show you a special discount offer when you enter their site. This offer with the cheapest price does not offer the best quality. It´s around $10 more for premium paper and you are worth it. It also underlines your value in the eyes of those you hand your cards out to. 

Make it tempting

  • Do not put your email address on your Business Card. Why? Because if you do people will not call you. If they really want to email you they can go to your website.
    But you want them to call you and make it possible that you develop a relationship with them, gain their trust - and who knows ... open up upsell opportunities and get referrals.

    If a potential client is on his computer emailing you, you can be sure that if he is in doubt about a buying decision he will "google" for reviews and such.

    But if you have him on the phone you can "close the deal" or create a relationship of trust and it is less likely that you lose that person somewhere in the depths of the internet.

    And regarding referrals: The number of people who respond to "please forward that email to your friends" is pretty low. But how about someone who asks you for referrals on the phone at the end of a pleasant call?

  • Use the backside of the card for more information, a call for action or ask for referrals. That can be a powerful tool. People often do not read emails properly. They do read Business Cards. 

Where to buy Business Cards

There are a zillion or more vendors on the market. It seems that time and time again all paths lead to Vistaprint
The problem with Vistaprint is that many people are complaining about their customer service. Delivery times can be very long (they want to sell you their express shipping option) and worst of all - either you ignore the up to 12 cross-selling and upgrading efforts and end up with sub-par quality - or once you are done configuring the layout your cards´ price will be nothing like the initial offer. 
Here is the solution: Now you can buy Vistaprint Cards via Amazon.

I rest my case now. If you have no Business Cards you are missing out on a lot of opportunities and should order some NOW

Up your $$$ game!


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