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Entrepreneur Brainwave Entrainment Kit


7 wonderfully effective sessions to keep you going!

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How does it work? Depending on our state, our brainwaves "swing" differently. For instance, when we are angry, asleep, excited ...

Brainwave Entrainment stimulates our brainwaves to swing in the frequency that serves us. It can calm us down or make us awake.

Headphones are not necessary but they enhance the effect. You can listen with your eyes open or closed.

If you want to learn more about Brainwave Entrainment, I have an educational email series you can grab here: https://www.aurorasa-coaching.com/beg1

1. The successful brain (28 minutes)
helps to calm your brain and make you feel safe when things are not going your way. Or if they are it can make you feel just another bit better.

2. Insomniac NoMo (50 minutes)
You've hustled all day long. Now you have trouble shutting down. This session helps you to relax and shut down your processor.

3. Visualize til you make it (30 minutes)
Helps you to visualize your goals - you could say: lucid day dreaming.

4. My day is every day (33 minutes)
Your mood could be better? Don't fret. Just tune into this session to improve your mood.

5. Pumped to the bone (16 minutes)
Want some extra motivation? Hey, I know you're motivated always. But if there's a day your not or you need more - pump it with this session.

6. Ellen has ideas (15 minutes)
I made this session for a friend when she was under extreme pressure and had trouble to come up with great ideas.
This session is for advanced (your brain - as with brainwave entrainment in general) might need a while to get used to the workout.
Ellen said: "God sent this. It helps me so much to generate ideas"

7. I exhale creativity (33 minutes)
Helps to focus on the task at hand. Cures shiny object syndrome and also improves creativity. Your cure against procrastination and hunting "the next big thing" when you should finish working on the first big thing.

Please do read the important info and warnings before you use this kind auf audio: https://www.aurorasa-coaching.com/disclaimer

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