Facebook's new data privacy nightmare Onavo


Spyware in disguise - Onavo

Onavo is the name of Facebook's newest trick to get even more of your data.

It's easy to follow you around while you're using a desktop computer or laptop. But it's much harder to collect your mobile data as soon as your outside of the Facebook app. As more and more users are using smartphones, Facebook feels the need to figure out how they can get to your data.

Privacy nightmare Facebook

Perhaps it's my background. For six years, I sold data-mining and artificial neural network projects. From simple applications (for instance, an insurance who can accurately predict on the day you get diabetes what your next diseases will be and what you will cost until the day you die) to more sophisticated solutions: Seemingly unimportant and irrelevant bits of information allows to extract so much information about you that you wouldn't believe it.

If you use Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook, Facebook already knows so much about you that it would make me uncomfortable.

What is Onavo

Onavo works like a VPN. It opens a safe tunnel and sends all of your data encrypted. So far, so good. Facebook purchased the small VPN company in 2013. Currently, 33 million users have the program installed. This low number makes Facebook unhappy so that they are now starting to push the app. In the US, users report a new function called "protect."

Activating it installs the spyware Onavo.

Onavo shares every bit of data with Facebook and as the fine print, you agree to states: You allow Facebook to store, use and analyze your data. All of the data you send from any app on our phone. 

I don't know what apps you use on your phone. Online banking perhaps? Dating apps? Games? Are you willing to share all of this information in addition to the info Facebook already has (and can predict) about you?

There are tons of inexpensive VPN solutions.  Facebook is the company and privacy nightmare we really need protection from.


The best solution: Delete your Facebook

The second best solution: Don't install the Facebook app on your phone

Third best solution: Don't install this spyware

PS: It can be difficult to find the link to delete your facebook. Here you go: http://deletefacebook.com/

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