HONEST Carvly Review

Honest Review of Carvly

I am tired of fake reviews

When I came across Carvly after reading a raving review I did my homework. I searched the web for more reviews.

The concept of Carvly is phenomenal. I was sceptical because the suggested content of delivery includes

  • Automating social media posts on all common sites
  • AI creates posts for you
  • Create landing pages with a few clicks
  • Create videos with a few clicks
  • Capture leads and valuable analytical information
... and much, much, much more ..
seemed to good to be true. You find only enthusiastic, positive reviews on the internet. 

You see. I am not against earning commission with product recommendations. After all you take the time and effort to nurture a site, buy and try the product. Or at least study it in-depths.

I am against recommending products you have not even tried and against fake reviews.

So back to the theory. You get commission for your work of testing a product and writing about it.

But ... more often than not it is impossible to find a honest review for a product. "Honest review" "The truth about ...." "Read first..." "Is xy scam" are the most overused terms of "marketers" who cannot be bothered to test the quality of the products they recommend to their trusting readers.

They often dominate the first page of google because they write their reviews before or right when the product gets released.

The Carvly reviews are fake

I am convinced that none of the reviewers has purchased the product. Here is why:

I am in bit a of a time crunch so I ask your forgiveness for potentially stuttering. I will do one take after testing Carvly for just 10 or 20 minutes.

I am not an affiliate marketer nor a social media person. For those who are here the first time: I am a coach who shares what he learns to run his business.

Normally, I would invest more time in figuring out how a software works. Join me and let's take a look at the first impression of Carvly:


Great concept


  • Hardly any function is working
  • Invalid SSL certificate + insecure scripts is not 2017
  • Tries to do a lot but is not great at anything
  • Nobody wants their leads stored on a site that does not use encryption

Conclusion: Do not buy Carvly

The product is not even in beta status. Invalid SSL certificates and insecure script is too 2009 for my taste.

I will just suppose that the functions that did not work will work and base my conclusion on the assumption I was just not able to figure out how to work the tool.

That said, I dislike a tool I cannot figure out, as I had no trouble figuring out how to work a ton of other products.

Carvly tries to cover multiple functions but is not great at any of it. Free and inexpensive tools are one click away that specialize and are good at the function they promise.

As I said in the video:  I am not concerned about the security of my data, but I would not want to have my leads stored with a company that is obviously not fantastic at implementing basic security and compliance.

Do only buy this if you know the developer and trust them to over time fix all of the errors and add functionality.

Broken functions together with mediocrity (if the functions would work) and invalid SSL/insecure scripts destroys every little bit of trust.

I wish Carvly the very best because it's a terrific idea and a great concept. Nobody minds a few bugs when a product is brand new. But at this point it should in my opinion not be up for sale.

Give Social Jukebox a try for social media automation. They have less reviews because they pay horribly little affiliate commission but I can recommend this product from my heart.

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