How to not be annoying on Twitter

Use of Twitter auto messages

A quick Twitter tip from my personal point of view:

I might be particularly sensitive to spam, but rest assured that there are others who feel just like me.

You know what I find surprising? Meanwhile, the only group of people besides porn stars I am not following back on Twitter are social media experts.

First off: It makes sense to automate Twitter to reduce the workload.

There are many social media experts with tons of know-how on the market. But it´s also a title (like Entrepreneur, Leader) that is trending and free to wear. Therefore, many brand new marketers call themselves "social media experts" right after they signed up to their first MLM (multi-level marketing).

That surely doesn't apply to all, but generally speaking, many social media experts, or self-proclaimed experts, are a severe annoyance on Twitter. 90% of them send an auto message with some link. The penetrant ones even start their message with "I have a gift for you." or post on your timeline.

How much credibility has someone who sends you his affiliate links right after you were kind enough to follow them back?

I use auto-reply too. I welcome everyone who gives me the honor of following me. I do not include links to any offer or link. I do not ask people to follow me on other social media sites.

That is because I understand that at this point I have not earned their trust and it is not up to me to demand or "sell" anything.

Hand on your heart. Did you ever buy anything from a link someone sends you in their welcome message? ... I didn´t think so.

So PLEASE don´t do it. Just put links to your sites on your profile. If you´re interesting or valuable, enough people will look.

Provide value to your audience first and if you have to send them your links once you have established a connection.

Let´s bring the "social" back in social media (:

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