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The List Building Event of the Year!

The best reward is helping as many people as possible to a better life. To be able to help people we must reach them first. 
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I don´t have an event picture so I will just add one of myself as I am joining this event to promote my Emotional Intelligence Training (;
If you are in the personal development sector or offer a service related to it you cannot miss this list boosting event: 

15,000+ Targeted Subscribers Viewing YOUR Offer? JV With Me NOW...

Dr. Joe Rubino and Carolyn Hansen just unleashed the flood gate on their Healthy,
Wealthy and Wise Gifts 6 list-building launch. For anyone who is serious about growing their lists and helping lots of people this is the must-be event. 
The event is free and you can post your freebie without charge. Upgrade options allow you to post up to 3 gifts and gain better visibility. IF you want. 
Last year free members averaged 500 - 600 new subscribers. 
The people who used the upgrade options were able to add thousands of subscribers to lists. How many depends also on the quality of your gift. 
Yes - 1000s!!!
You can join FREE Here: JV
The site opens to members on June 3rd at 10 AM EST, but hundreds of vendors are going to see your offer right now. 
I have already grabbed a few gifts for myself. 
Over $10,000 in Sales Contests, Prizes and Incentives make this a no-brainer!
Check the details HERE
To me the most important thing is to reach more people that I can help to a better life. But if you are interested in the monetary side: The prizes are more than attractive - check them out on the site. 
Imagine this like a free solo-ad to potentially over 15K people. Of if you upgrade imagine it as 3 solo adds for 70 Dollar to thousands and thousands of people!
I have already signed-up - you might see my offers as soon as you click the link. 
Here's To Your Summer of Success! Make sure you tell your friends - who doesn´t want more people on their lists without spending a fortune or going through the hassle of finding a reliable solo-ad partner?

Up your $$$ game!


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