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Complaining about LinkedIn - An Opinion

Complaining on social media Today I disconnected from a friend. Or better: acquaintance because I would have shared my concern with a friend. Currently, there is a steady stream of complainer posts on my LinkedIn feed. Some pronounce LinkedIn dead while others just need to vent. Complainer posts generate lots of interaction. Just like bikini photos, […]

HONEST Carvly Review

I am tired of fake reviews When I came across Carvly after reading a raving review I did my homework. I searched the web for more reviews. The concept of Carvly is phenomenal. I was sceptical because the suggested content of delivery includes Automating social media posts on all common sites AI creates posts for […]

Brain Entrainment Audio for Commercial Use

Seductive Offer for Online Businesses and Coaches Did you ever watch a movie, presentation or advertisement and thought it's the music that entices, convinces, excites, thrills and seduces you? Even sells you? Perhaps you have already looked at the prices of royalty free audio and were deeply disappointed about the generic stuff you could get […]

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3 Essential Tools For Online Businesses

The tools mentioned below are either free or they offer a free and paid version. What they have in common is that they can help you run your business better. In no particular order: Buzzsumo Buzzsumo comes in a free and paid version. The free version allows you to get valuable insights about your […]

Review of ConnectAudience Retargeting

Wilco de Kreij´s Re-Targeting Email Tool You have probably already played around with Facebook advertising.  You might have learned that it is a quick way to burn a lot of money for little or no results. You probably also have noticed that the opening rates for your e-mail campaigns are going down. Part of the […]

Content Repurposing

When genius doesn't strike Old posts made new Let's face it; we can't come up with an ingenious article every day. Luckily, there are several ways of repurposing your content that not only help you over "those days" but also enables you to reach people that are not into reading blog posts. Some people prefer […]

How to not be annoying on Twitter

Use of Twitter auto messages A quick Twitter tip from my personal point of view: I might be particularly sensitive to spam, but rest assured that there are others who feel just like me. You know what I find surprising? Meanwhile, the only group of people besides porn stars I am not following back on Twitter […]

WhatsApp To Give Phone Numbers To Facebook

Are you like me someone who rarely or never reads the "changes to our TOS." Well, maybe we should start reading them. Facebook plans to increase ad revenue Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for $ 22 Billion. If you agree to the new TOS (if you don´t you´ll have another 30 days to do so) […]