Review of ConnectAudience Retargeting

ConnectAudience Retargeting Review

Wilco de Kreij´s Re-Targeting Email Tool

You have probably already played around with Facebook advertising.  You might have learned that it is a quick way to burn a lot of money for little or no results.

You probably also have noticed that the opening rates for your e-mail campaigns are going down. Part of the reason for that are the changes that e-mail providers are making, but the other part is that it's just not working the way it used to.

You might or might not have used Google´s retargeting option. So when somebody visited your website, you can present them with advertisements, customized advertisements, on other sites he visits. It had probably happened to you that you didn't finish the checkout process in an online store and when you went to Facebook you were suddenly presented with an advertisement for just that company.

The disadvantage of Google´s approach is that they are in control of the data and that you can upload your list - but you will never know who interacted or reacted in which way. Google stays in power and possession of the information that can make you lots of money. Unnecessary to mention that the bidding war on Google Ads makes this an expensive game to play.

Here is where ConnectAudience fits in.

What is ConnectAudience

ConnectAudience can be described as a next-generation e-mail marketing and retargeting tool.

  • synchronize your autoresponder into Facebook Custom Audiences
  • connect your Facebook Lead Ads to you autoresponder
  • run retargeting campaigns depending on how people behave on your website

You will have full control which kind of ads you want to present to which type of prospect. If someone clicked on your link, you could display different ads than to someone who didn't click on your link.

What is important for you to know, is that this tool is approved by Facebook. You do not have to be afraid that at some point in time they might close your account down like it can happen with all of the shady tools.

You are in control and possession of all of the valuable data.

Wilco de Kreij ConnectAudience

A friend of mine has been able to increase his profits by nearly 300%. He calls it "Facebook killer". The vendor talks about the increase in profits of about 234%. Results will differ depending on where you're coming from. This friend was not very good at email marketing to start with, so that I do not want to sound like I expect everyone to see an increase like that.

In this case, I will not post a pro and contra section because, in all honesty, if there are any contra I didn't find them yet.

Facebook advertising used to be inexpensive and effective - these times are over. Presenting targeted ads is the way to go. The engagement will be much higher than with the traditional approach, which further decreases your per-click costs.

I suggest you have a look at the Link where you will find case studies and videos - and if you can determine the negative aspect of this tool, please do let me know.


Where to buy

Currently, if you follow the link below you will find a time-limited special offer. In this case, the offer is truly time-limited (not the usual special offer that will still be there in a year from now) so that I suggest you do not wait for too long.

That said, it 's hard to talk about cost when your profit from e-mail marketing goes up dramatically while your costs for Facebook advertising will go down.

ConnectAudience Special Offer

Up your $$$ game!


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