Review of Creaite - Worst AI Writer

Creaite ( by Joshua Zamora might be the worst "AI" writer on the market. It's yet another one of the low-quality upsell "products" sold on JVZoo.

I am writing this quick review for you, because as ususal, it's nearly impossible to find an honest review of someone who actually tried the software.

JVZoo affiliates plaster the web with fake reviews. Always the same pattern: 5 stars, one irrelevant "con."

And then another spam-promoter, Wealthy Affiliate, gets their partners to post fake "scam reviews." It's extremely difficult to find an honest opinion on any JVZoo product.

Alright. So I have tried this product. This post doesn't contain any affiliate links. I am proudly not affiliated with JVZoo or any of its partners.

This review will be quick, because the product isn't worth your or my time.

Is Creaite a scam?

It's not necessarily a scam because you get what you were promised. Obviously, you cannot use the product, and the only goal is to sell you on upsell after upsell.

It's unclear to me how that works. Why would I buy an upgrade for a product that's horrible to start with? But I guess that's a JVZoo thing.

I could imagine people buy upsell in hopes they can rescue their investment, once they realize their software is basically unusable in the initial state.

What is Creaite?

The first thing that p... me off is the name. Is it supposed to be creative? Were all good names taken?

Anyway.... It's about the quality of the product.

AI writers require you to provide some imput so that the tool knows what you're writing about. Creaite is unique in the sense that it requires you to chose one of the few "niches" (in a poor attempt to sell upgrades as the original product is too crippled and limited to be usable.)

It seems to try to differentiate itself from other content tools by producing a lot of blabber. Empty noise in a "hey bestie" tone.

However, to become someone's "bestie" you need to provide content that's relevant to them. This tool doesn't do that.

Other AI-writers sell plans where credits renew every month. They're business is selling writing software. The whole purpose of Creaite is to get new email addresses to spam, and quickly push as many upsells as possible before Joshua Zamora produces his next low-quality product - and the cycle repeats.

Here's a result from the "business" niche for you. First my input, then Creaite's output:

What's funny about this 100% unrelated output is the line "What if a bad review comes back to bite you?"

Because the credits are one-time credits, the tool is more expensive than capable competitors. At the same time, it produces the worst results. The results are unusable.

Here's the best result I could generate with Creaite:


Rytr, Quillbot... you name it. There are dozens of decent AI-writers available. There's no reason whatsover to buy this useless tool that instead of monthly renewing credits comes with a one-time-use credit balance.

Creaite is not an AI-writer. It's an unintelligent auto-writer that produces off-topic content.

It might be a good idea to stay away from products by Joshua Zamora. One seems to be worse than the next. In my opinion, they might harm your website more than they help.

Other low-quality products include DFY Authority (a spam auto-poster getting you harmful bad backlinks,) Syndlab, Syndtrio, My Traffic Jacker, and many others.

If you ask yourself if someone can create so many good products in such a short time, the answer is: No.

Joshua Zamora could not promote his low-quality products on any reputable affiliate platform.

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