Review of UpViral Wilco de Kreij

Who is Wilco de Kreij

Wilco and I have a bit of history. I was mad at him for a few weeks. When he was testing his newest "baby", UpViral, I came across his beta-test in which he used unsuspecting Entrepreneurs as guinea pigs. He talks about this test in a video on the SITE.
That said, the test was successful. It worked on me and when I looked at the concept from the viewpoint of human psychology and what I know about the brain it made sense. To gain access to a little tool, I recruited five sign-ups for Wilco. 
Wilco calls himself a "wiz kid." He started selling sunglasses online at the age of 16. From his personality structure, he would and could sell sunglasses to people who live in a dark cave so that I am always a bit careful. In his defense: He is not one of the sleazy untrustworthy salespeople. He IS a hustler. But what convinces you is his energy and his authentic enthusiasm for his projects. 
Even the beta release of UpViral has worked on me so that it was clear that I had to take a closer look. Particularly since Wilco has a history of very successful product launches. 

UpViral Review and Test

What is UpViral?

In one sentence: It is a lead generation machine in the form of software and methodology with which you can acquire an army of people who will promote your product, generate sign-ups and even sales for you. In no time and at nearly zero cost. 
It is the methodology that companies like Dropbox have used to become major players in a short time without marketing effort. 
In times where solo ads often bring questionable results or are just too expensive and the "long tail keyword" times with google ad words and such are over, it is great to have a cost effective alternative. 
The principle is very simple. You create goodies. People have to share your post/link/etc. a certain amount of times to qualify for the goodies. Or they get access to a reward once a number of their friends have signed up to your list/event. And you? After the initial setup that took me 6 minutes, you sit back and watch your list grow and your profit rise. 
What convinces buyers are referrals and recommendations from people they know and trust. 

Who needs UpViral?

Anyone who wants to promote a product, build a list, market an event or even affiliate product. 

How does it work?

UpViral offers integrations, templates, and a tracking system. You set up a promotion (for instance: "get 5 of your friends to sign up to receive this free eBook"), and the system tracks the number of clicks/sign-ups and grants access to the "reward" as soon as the goal is reached. 

Do I need technical knowledge?

On their website, they state that you can get ready to roll in 5 minutes. It took me 6. No technical expertise is required other than knowing how to operate a computer. You can integrate it with your existing solution or use it stand-alone. It´s compatible with any of the large email systems, lead pages, and new apps are being added constantly. 
  • Very low cost for the product
  • Safes you all the money you spend on paid ads
  • Eliminates dependencies on SEO experts, Google Ranking and such
  • No time or effort necessary for setting up or learning - it´s out of the box and ready to go 
  • Team of 10 people supports the product, but Wilco replies to every message personally if you reach out to him 
  • Extreme compatibility (supports all popular email systems, sales funnel systems and lead page builder)
  • Only available in English 
  • It takes a few days until a promo starts to get viral and hundreds of sign-ups come in each day


UpViral is a monthly/annual subscription, starting at $ 25 per month. It is realistic that, depending on your niche, you can get up to 15k subscribers in a month. Given the quality of and price for solo ads and paid ads that are extremely inexpensive. 
30-day money back guarantee allows you to test for yourself for two weeks. The differences between the "basic" and "premium" variant: 
UpViral Review Wilco de Kreij

Final Verdict

In my opinion, this is a 9-star solution. With my last solo ads, I had severe problems with the quality while FB ads or Google AdWords burn a lot of money. My personal experience is that people were more interested in getting an eBook I used to give out for free once they had to work for it and present me with five other subscribers before they could get it. 
UpViral is a simple, practical concept that has been transformed into an intelligent, easy to use product. 
If you have not already you should give it a try HERE 

Up your $$$ game!


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