Review: Urgent Timer by Jimmy Kim

Can Jimmy Kim´s Urgent Timer increase your sales?

Double and Triple your sale is the claim of Urgent Timer. I know Jimmy for a little while and I know that he has no affiliation with "rich quick" schemes and such. Else I would have probably never had a closer look at his newest "baby".

What is Urgent Timer?

Urgent Timer is a cloud-based software that enables you to place countdown timers (and also "expired" notices) on your blogs, websites and in your email.

You have probably noticed those timers in presentations of large vendors. And I am sure if you think back you will find times where you were influenced to make an immediate decision by one of those timers.

Urgent Timer Review

You can watch Jimmy´s presentation HERE

Originally, Jimmy created this tool for himself. His unique mixture of the wish to help other marketers to more success and plain greed made him share his tool with the public.

Features of Urgent Timer

  • Works on all platforms, browsers
  • Compatible with every autoresponder on the market
  • Creates a sense of urgency, enhances click- and purchase rates
  • Point & Click
  • Cloud based
  • Can be used with a website or even without in emails
  • Free hosting of unlimited amounts of timer instances
  • Private member area

The good

  • Relevant to any industry, from Success Coach to Online Marketer
  • Proven to boost conversions
  • The same technology large vendors are using
  • Copy & paste. Point and click technology does not require technical knowledge or even a website
  • No hosting, download or installation required
  • Full reporting included
  • No reoccurring costs

The bad

  • Only available in English language
  • Introductory offer will expire soon, price will go up

Final verdict

You probably know that I do not have a technical background, but my industry is training and coaching. Neuroscience backs up the claim that a sense of urgency does get people to make quick decisions.
The tool is easy to use, even for someone without any technical knowledge (or willingness to learn) like myself.
An inexpensive tool allows us to easily set up timers that are proven by neuroscience and behavioral studies to increase conversions. Backed up by  a 30-day "no questions asked" money back guarantee. No brainer, right?
Get Urgent Timer HERE

Where to buy Urgent Timer

Currently available at an introductory rate of only $29 for an unlimited, lifelong license, the price will go up in a few days. He means it. I once made the mistake with another one of his products to wait it out and I did have to pay the double price from the initial offer.
Do yourself a favor: Buy it, try it and if your first campaign or mailing does not show better results return it. Buy HERE 

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