Run A Webinar Review

Inexpensive, scalable webinar software

The number 2 of my webinar solution evaluation goes to Run A Webinar. This could well be the most affordable scalable solution you will find on the market.

Based on Amazon´s S3 (not google hangouts) you can hold meetings with an unlimited amount of guests. Amazon is said to be more stable.

Webinars can be automatically recorded. The only reason this product did not make it to number 1 is that it does not offer an autopilot function (automatically allow people to sign up for the replay). As there is an easy workaround (a landing page with a sign up), it still made it to the top.

run a webinar review

Run A Webinar Lifetime Review

The feature list itself is not all that exciting. It offers functionality most other webinar solutions offer as well. This includes:

  • Hosted on Amazon´s server
  • Payment feature included (you can sell from your webinar)
  • Only four customizable templates 
  • Chat
  • Capture leads
  • Webcam support (you can present via your webcam)
  • Slide upload
  • Email reminder
And a few more basic functions. See the full list HERE
I wished they had more templates, and another negative point is that you can only host ten webinars per months
You as the host will have to operate the program through a firefox browser (your guests can use the browser of their liking). 
But now it get´s exciting. 

Where to buy Run A Webinar

You can buy it HERE
What helped this tool to the top 3 spot is the price. There is not one functionality that would be unique or exotic. But the price is. 
You can rent on a monthly basis for 29.95 per month. The pricing model is made in a way that this does not make sense. 
The lifetime license costs $ 97 and comes with a money-back-guarantee.

Final Verdict

Run a Webinar is not a bad product. It is not the solution with the most features. The most convincing solution from a technical standpoint is Stealth Seminar  (see the review HERE).  Stealth Seminars did not make it to the top 3 because they do not offer a trial but you have to pay $100 for the initial setup and $70 each month after that. The best solution I have tested is without a doubt Everwebinar / WebinarJam. 
Basically, the price for the initial setup equals the price for a lifetime license of Run A Webinar. Please note: The initial payment for Run A Webinar does not offer any automation function. For evergreen webinars, you have to pay extra. They have a pretty long sales funnel so that it´s pretty confusing to differentiate between their "lifetime", "yearly" and "premium" versions.

Personally, I would recommend to check out the alternatives. After your initial purchase you will learn that you have to buy more modules to get the expected functionality.

If you do not have an issue with the limit of 10 webinars per month you should definitely get Run A Webinar. Keep in mind: The money-back-guarantee allows you to return the product should you not be happy. I have returned it and received my money back in less than a day.

I will not get the time back, though. 

Get Run A Webinar HERE
The price is a "launch special" so that you should not wait too long. Currently (at the time of this post) you will also receive one free training. 

If you plan to run screen sharing-based webinars make sure you check out the review of MeetingBurner HERE, they scored on number 3.

Read the review of Stealth HERE

And then sign up for the 90-day free trial of WebinarJam and enjoy "Marketing Genesis" their free incredible marketing and webinar training Everwebinar / WebinarJam. 

Up your $$$ game!


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