Security Risk Sticky Passwords - DO NOT USE

When I tried to figure out why a stalker (see: still can access my accounts and passwords after I reset the master password of Sticky Passwords, I came across a few quite peculiar identities.

Sticky Passwords is a security nightmare

Fun fact: Sticky Password deleted my paid lifetime account under my clicks. That likely means a stalker (Onision) either owns the company, or has hacked them. It comes out to the same, really.

  1. Even if you pick "Cloud sync", Sticky Passwords stores a local copy of your password file daily
  2. A reset of your master passwords doesn't remove access, if someone has your old master password and a copy of your password files. They can continue using it, even though the application has online access
  3. The company doesn't appear to be trustworthy. For that alone, you should consider if you want to trust them with all of your passwords, and keeping them secure.
  4. After my laptop and 2FA device have been “lost” at the same time, I found the security breach. First off, I nearly couldn't regain access to my account. Secondly, then I could without the use of my 2FA device.


A system (for instance, something you can remember, plus something specific per site/password) might be more secure.

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