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This niche is especially popular with women. It can be a great way of making a lot of money by helping other people - but most people fail because they do it all wrong.

Profitable Niche:  Online Psychic Business

How to make your Psychic business successful

Generally speaking, there are two groups of people who make the decision to start an online psychic business. It is a huge market and profitable niche.
There are those who have a gift or learned that craft (or are willing to learn) and those who do not believe in intuition or astrology and want to make a quick buck.
I cater to the first group. As with any other profession, you will not be able to create long-term success for yourself if you have no clue about what you are doing.The Psychic Business has a hard time when it comes to the public opinion. A lot of scammers, false expectations (psychics are NOT and legit ones do not claim to be fortune tellers) and movies made sure of that.

Still the psychic business is a 2 billion $$ market with an annual growth rate of 2.4 %. This number does not even take into account astrology and all of the private psychics that are not included in these statistics. You can get the full Ibis industry report HERE.

In this article, you will find resources to get started, honest reviews and training opportunities.

 Fundamentals for a Psychic Business

Fundamentals for a Psychic Business

Networks for Online Psychics

There are a lot of smaller sites around. A lot of them require that you have prior experience and can provide proof of the years of your expertise. The major part though has awful payment conditions.
I will focus on the four biggest players in the market: Keen, Oranum, PsychicAccess and Kasamba, All of them have free trial offers for customers. I suggest you try them to learn more about how the systems work.
All of them pay in time so that it´s more interesting to look at facts like how often and how much.

Keen Review

Keen is the biggest and oldest player on the market. It is ideal for new Psychics as they do not require prior experience. Also, Keen allows you to feature your listing. Otherwise, listings are calculated from the number of reviews, lengths of calls and other secret factors. As a new psychic that gives you the chance to be seen.Another great feature is that you can join groups of other psychics. The psychic promoting you will take a piece of your income for a defined period of time, but you get exposure and access to all of the other psychics clients.

There are a lot of trolls on the site. But the huge amount of other great clients makes up for that.
Keen is legit, even though some of their psychics are probably not. Especially new psychics on the site are faced with other psychics calling them with one of their many accounts to damage their ratings and get them off the site. Why are they doing this? Because there is a lot of money to be made on Keen.
The support is professional and the payment terms are the best of all sites. Check them out HERE.
Keen lets you keep around 65 % of your minute rate. Given that these type of sites are "high risk" sites that have to pay up to 15 % for credit card processing and that Keen spends a lot of money on getting traffic that is pretty awesome.You can choose monthly or daily payout. Therefore, you can have your money in as few as 8 days on your account.

I do recommend Keen. 

Kasamba Review

Kasamba is the second most popular site. Anyone can sign up there. It is a good site for some of the psychics who have signed up there early on.
They aggressively market their offers to get new readers to sign up. Hundreds sign up daily. The reason they so aggressively market their "employment opportunity" "application" is that they charge $ 50 for sign ups.
For new psychics without existing clients, it is basically impossible to make a living on there. There is no way to promote your listing. You get ranked by the number of reviews you have. On page 7.357 nobody will ever see your listing.
Kasamba has a solution for this: They recommend that in the beginning you set your rate to 0.99 cents per minute. Given that you keep only around 30 %  and need a lot of reviews to get closer to the top of the list that is not a real option.For the first 30 days, they feature you in the "new" section. But that has also thousands of psychics.

They allow clients to post a "search" to which psychics can respond and offer their service. With that feature, they further promote the discount mentality on the site. Desperate readers, potentially from countries where a dollar is a lot, compete for winning the client with discount offers.
Another difficulty is their rating system: You can only rate a call that lasts at least 5 minutes. Obviously, if you are unhappy with a psychic you will not care to stay on the line. That is a bit shady in my eyes, even though I am aware of the problem with rating trolls. In addition to that reviews get censored.
Kasamba pays 2 weeks after each month-end. So what you earn on November 2th will be paid to you on December 15th.
You see them featured a lot as they do have a lot of affiliates promoting their services. Check them out or take advantage of the free reading offer to learn HERE.
I do not recommend Kasamba

Oranum Review

The newest player on this list is one with a lot of potential.
Oranum is different because they also offer video chat via Skype (optional). You have the possibility to enter an open chat where you can chat with clients and motivate them to call you. You do not have to. It´s just an optional additional feature that you might want to consider to win more clients.
Oranum has a 1-step interview process which is something that I like a lot. Not everyone can get on the site or like on buy their way onto the site.
Oranum pays 50 %. That is less than Keen but still very fair.
The amount of traffic is good, the payment on time and the support is responsive. You can make a lot of money on there.
Now, the best thing about Oranum for Newbies is, that you can also sign up as a "webmaster". This is not just an affiliate program to win customers for them - they deliver all the tools you need to create a co-branded website for yourself within minutes.Sign up HERE.

I recommend Oranum. 

California Psychics/7th Sense/PsychicAccess

This company operates a lot of sites under a lot of names. What I like about them is the 3-step interview process. They do interview you and make sure that you are appropriate for the task. That said, it does not really matter at a pay of around 0.40 - 0.57 Cents per minute.
That they hide the amount they pay behind a complicated construct and do not even tell you a concrete amount until you are hired adds to the negative reputation. It is your minute price (that they decide opposite to all of the other sites - 50 % of their advertising costs - 50 % of the payment processing costs - connection fee. THEN they split the rest 40:60).
Therefore, I would not waste my time on them. Are you wondering why they are recommended so very often? They pay more to their affiliates than they pay to their psychics. So the best way to make money to them is referring other psychics to their 2-tier network.
Their psychics are asked to maintain a call duration of at least 15 minutes which in my opinion equals asking your contractors to scam. The most complicated process to get on the site for the least amount of pay.
Some of their sites do contain a lot of good information, though. You might want to check that one out: HERE
I do not recommend California Psychics/PsychicAccess etc.

Learn the craft and Psychic business

Is Biddy Tarot Scam?

There are a lot of sites that teach you astrology, tarot readings and such. I only know of one site that also teaches you the business. Reading professionally for a client requires additional skills. And you need the skills to run a profitable business. Biddy gives you that.Biddy Tarot used to be a tarot reader. Meanwhile, she does not offer personal readings anymore as her "train the reader" business has become too big. She offers books on how to become a Pro Reader in 30 days, classes, courses and more.

On her site

  • You find lots and lots of free tools and information to learn about reading the tarot and most importantly
  • The Business part of being a psychic
  • Awesome products that help you advance your psychic career
A free video set on how to become a professional Reader is available HERE
Another great feature: New readers can register on her site and offer free readings until they feel comfortable to go out there. The clients are aware that "trainees" help them out and are more tolerant to potential insecurities or mistakes. And who knows? Maybe you can win over your first clients right away for your paid readings.I bet you can!

Start HERE
Is Biddy Tarot Scam?

Your own Psychic Website

No matter if you plan to join other psychic networks or do your own thing. You should consider having your own site.
That is a complex topic that I will cover in a separate article.
You can sign up to my newsletter to stay updated on articles that allow non-technical people to easily create successful psychic websites. It is easy to get lost in the huge amount of useful and not so useful information on the internet.To your successful Online Psychic Business!

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