Beardvertising - an innovative advertising approach

Coming up with brilliant marketing ideas is like hunting the holy grail these days. With too much, too aggressive and too salesy advertisements all around us, we have become numb and defensive. We install ad-blockers, we stop taking calls from unknown numbers, we block spam - our guards go up as soon as we spot […]

Complaining about LinkedIn - An Opinion

Complaining on social media Today I disconnected from a friend. Or better: acquaintance because I would have shared my concern with a friend. Currently, there is a steady stream of complainer posts on my LinkedIn feed. Some pronounce LinkedIn dead while others just need to vent. Complainer posts generate lots of interaction. Just like bikini photos, […]

"Maybe Traffic" Is Not a Currency

Originally I just wanted to share how I felt when I received another request today for contributing to another site. Then the article grew and now also contains info on the marketing instruments that did help me to increase the number of people following my content. Writing for Free If you follow this blog chances […]

Getting Serious About Social Media

Why Killem FTW is my favorite crazy kid I´ll admit it openly. I am not good when it comes to social media ... you are just better at things you love. Someone who rocks social media and loves it is British Killem FTW. I am not sure if you would call it a subculture or […]

RIP Amazon - I once loved you

Amazon is going down For many years, Amazon was my favorite company. Best customer service, best assortment, best prices, fastest shipping - best everything. They seemed to take the growth step from a medium to a huge company effortlessly. Not anymore. Amazon now sucks like a Microsoft, Comcast or any giant company who has been […]

Why Apple Watch is underrated

A functionality review of Apple Watch I have to admit it: When I first read about Apple watch I posted something ugly like: "Great, now you can spot idiots from a mile away." In my defense: The article stated it would cost $ 5000. Sometimes I still try to cover it, but that is silly […]

Do you still need Business Cards?

The Case of Business Cards Outdated or still a thing? I am reading many articles that state that Business Cards are over. In times of smartphones, emails and such many people do not see a reason to have them anymore. Especially Online Entrepreneurs, Website Owners and Affiliate Marketers are of the opinion that Business Cards […]

Comcast Data Cap and Net Neutrality

Comcast introduces data cap Voted the 4th most hated company Polarizing Seattle-based mass media company Comcast starts implementing data caps in markets from Alabama to Maine. In these "trial" markets, the new data limit is 300 GB.  Users who exceed this limit will be charged $ 10 for every 50 GB over the limit. Recent […]

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