I've recently discovered another GPL store that I like and want to share with you: Besides the "classic" collection, I noticed that they store has most (or all?) major Oxygen builder plugins available. I like that you can buy lifetime updates for single plugins, and they are inexpensive. The site also offers monthly and […]

Review of Creaite - Worst AI Writer

Creaite ( by Joshua Zamora might be the worst "AI" writer on the market. It's yet another one of the low-quality upsell "products" sold on JVZoo. I am writing this quick review for you, because as ususal, it's nearly impossible to find an honest review of someone who actually tried the software. JVZoo affiliates plaster […]

Duplicator vs BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy vs Duplicator Pro. Whom can you trust when it comes to migrations and backups?

Quit 9 to 5 Academy

A common sense warning A few weeks ago, someone we'll call "John Doe" signed up for our influence and empathy training. It turned out that he lost all of his money (and more) to a training that made false claims. The training promised an idiot-proof system allowing everyone to become a successful online entrepreneur in […]

Best and worst GPL sites and clubs

If you have a WordPress site, you probably use a lot of plugins. Your biggest problem might be incompatible plugins. Developers deserve to be paid for their work, and if you use a plugin on a commercial site, you will definitely want automatic updates and support. Sadly, many sites do not offer refunds if plugins […]

Appsumo vs Stacksocial - What is better?

AppSumo and Stacksocial are two of the better known "deal sites." The promise is that you can find unique deals with savings you couldn't find any other place. Until I came across AppSumo, I didn't have too much experience with "social shopping" communities as a buyer. I knew a little bit about how these sites […]

AppSumo Briefcase Review Update 2

Please refer to my original AppSumo Briefcase Review: AppSumo Briefcase Review (formerly AppSumo Black) AppSumo Briefcase Review Update  This toolset for anyone with a website, blog or online business now has 34 tools. 4-6 are being added monthly and I will keep you updated. I will add a detailed review of each tool as soon […]

AppSumo Briefcase Review - Update 1

The first part of the AppSumo Briefcase Review has become so big that I can hardly edit it (but I will have to because some vendors have added new functionality in the last two months.) You find it HERE This update of November 2017 looks only at 4 tools that have been added since my […]

AppSumo Review

My AppSumo Review might come out as a love song. As you can see on the picture below, I did quite some shopping since I joined less than a month ago. Because of the nature of this site, it will be hard to review it without getting you too excited (you'll understand what I mean […]

Amazon Echo Look Review

  My Amazon Echo Look review can help you to make a decision if you're not sure if this is a creep or a keep. Echo Look is Amazon's newest IoT gadget and at this time you have to request an invitation which you can do here: Amazon Echo Look My general view on the internet […]

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