WebinarJam Review 2017

WebinarJam Review 2017


I first started using WebinarJam back in April 2016. Before that, I went through a painful process of evaluating nine different tools. Not because I love evaluating software but because each of the solutions had different problems. Also WebinarJam. WebinarJam was the still best of them all so that I settled.

Back then they were relying on Google technology and when Google made changes, I started to receive reports of WebinarJam users who suddenly ran into problems.

I know the support of WebinarJam to be of excellent quality but for a brief period, they weren't able to handle customer requests in a timely manner.

Today, WebinarJam released the new version, WebinarJam 2017,  and I've been told that not only all bugs have been addressed but that they are also has been added additional functionality. Today I hosted my first training with this new software.

You might want to read to my WebinarJam Review of 2016 first because in this review I will focus on the changes to the old version.


WebinarJam Review 2017


Major changes to the 2016 version:

Scalability/number of attendees

Personally, I never ran into the problem (it's a nice one to have... I never had more than 280 attendees) but I had heard from a friend that WebinarJam 2016 has issues if you host more than 900 attendees.

He held his first webinar with WebinarJam 2017 earlier today and confirmed that the problem has been solved.


New limit of guest speakers

Soft. You can now have half a dozen guest speakers on your broadcast.


Mobile device support

WebinarJam has always supported mobile devices, but it now runs smoother. I have tested with my devices: Android Tablet, iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire.

Mobile is the present and near future. Not all webinar solutions are good at this and that's a problem.


Support not responsive

I've heard from a few people that they had trouble with the support, I cannot confirm that they even existed. I can only imagine that they had trouble handling the unusual number of requests right after Google changed their technology that they back then still relied on. There are no support issues whatsoever.

On the contrary: with their US based agents that really seemed to care about WebinarJam they offer some of the best support I have ever experienced.


My personal problems might be a bit exotic but they have been resolved as well (I needed to add Java Script to the sign-up page because my affiliate program was unable to do HTML and I needed a tighter integration with MailChimp to remove the double opt-in.)


You can watch a salesy feature presentation HERE but I figure it's more important for you to see it in action (this covers only a small part, the live stream control panel but you will get a feeling for WebinarJam):




  • Extensive feature list
  • Problems of the 2016 version have been resolved
  • Scalable. Serves small businesses or even large corporations.
  • High-quality training included (not just on how to run successful webinars but also how to run a great business)
  • Excellent support. Fast and competent US-based agents
  • No questions asked money back guarantee
  • The most inexpensive solution with professional features
  • No installation required



  • There are cheaper products around
  • Focus on English speaking market



WebinarJam has addressed all issues I had with the 2016 version. In addition to that, new functionality has been added putting webinar ahead of the game again.

WebinarJam is one of only two solutions I can wholeheartedly recommend to you. Last year I said that Stealth Seminars won the battle of webinar software by the skin of its teeth, with the 2017 version WebinarJam they are equally strong.

Should you buy it? Clearly yes. You will not find the level of professionalism and feature-richness anywhere else. Should you be one of my clients or readers of my "real" blog, you probably witnessed my webinar failures when I was still working with different solutions ...

Sometimes we don't want to learn fro somebody else's mistakes and prefer to learn the hard way. Feel free to click on the "webinar" tag to find reviews of other webinar solutions. I explicitly only recommend WebinarJam and Stealth Seminar.


WebinarJam Review 2017


Buy WebinarJam 2017

To lock in a special rate (I can't tell how long this special will be available) go HERE

PS: If you don't see a popup offering a free checklist on how to fill your webinars: turn off your ad-blocker. The 40 tips are good.

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