Why Apple Watch is underrated

A functionality review of Apple Watch

Apple Watch Functionality ReviewI have to admit it: When I first read about Apple watch I posted something ugly like: "Great, now you can spot idiots from a mile away." In my defense: The article stated it would cost $ 5000.

Sometimes I still try to cover it, but that is silly if you think about it. Before that, I was wearing an Omega Constellation. Apple watches start at $ 300 (on Amazon right now) which is very cheap for a watch.

A lot has been said about the technology, and as you know, I am not technical at all. I want to share the kind of information I would be looking for before making a buying decision.

It´s not a complete feature list but just of list of features why I love the watch.

I will share with you how I am using my watch and why it, in my opinion, is one of the best gadgets ever invented:

Music Player

For the longest time, I secured my IPod, cell phone or with the strap of my bra. I don´t need to tell you that this is not an optimal space. But there was not other solution when I wanted to walk around. The super small players did not offer the kind of storage space I need.

I do not own a music player anymore. My watch connects to my phone and my Bluetooth headset allowing me not only to stream my music, but I am also connected to my Amazon Prime music, TuneIn Radio, iHeart radio - you name it.

It´s easy to change the track, source, or loudness on my watch and for that feature alone the Apple watch would be worth it to me.


Like how rude is it to look at your phone in meetings? It´s SUPER RUDE, isn´t it. How about a quick glance at your watch. Or even just lifting your arm (you can always pretend you need to scratch your forehead).

The other thing is: Most emails are not worth it to unlock your phone and look at them. How handy that you can quickly check on your watch who is writing to you. I have the sound off so that I just feel the vibration when an email comes in.


When using an IPhone for navigation your watch will also tell you when to take a turn and such. I like this feature. I am hardly using my Garmin anymore.

Siri Universal Genius

Well...we all know Siri - no need to introduce him. By pressing the button on your watch, he is at your service.
"Siri find a restaurant nearby."
"Siri navigate to the restaurant."
"Siri can you beatbox for me."

Internet searches, writing a text message - the full power of Siri is at your service without the need of getting your phone out, unlocking it, etc.

Kitchen Timer

I even own an Amazon Echo - still I prefer my watch to set timers. A function I use very often. The more services Amazon is adding, the less it understands me. Echo and I had a few screaming duels - it´s beyond annoying if he keeps misunderstanding.

Let´s not kid ourselves: Apple is the master of voice recognition. 


I guess I have a weather app on my phone. I have never used it. When I looked up the weather, I did so on my computer. 
How nice to see the current temperature on my watch and get a weekly forecast with a tip of my finger.  

Answering and making calls

How is the quality of your car speakerphone? Did you ever talk to someone who did not complain? I always seem to have a hard time understanding when someone has me on a loudspeaker. Me as well as others calling me while driving end up taking our phones in our hand. 

Not allowed in most countries.

I am not saying that the quality of calls made on your watch is better. But it´s more fun. Not just while driving - there are many occasions (i.e. shopping) where I am glad I don´t have to take out my phone to answer a call.

Text messaging

Nothing beats the ease of pressing a button on your watch and read a text or have Siri answer a text or write a new one. 

Sport and Health

For many people, these are important features. I sometimes check how my heartbeat changes in certain situations - but just for the fun of it. 
I am not using the fitness part of the watch very much, but many people say that it helps them to get motivated and stay on track with their workout. 
There are apps around that allow you to take your blood pressure, and your watch can deliver a lot of data to sophisticated health apps. 

What else

So this are the features that make this watch so important to me. There are also a few games around for the app, newsreaders but with the tiny screen, it´s pretty much useless and just eats up battery power. 
Many CRM companies and also Microsoft and Google offer apps for the watch. You do not need to be in an "Apple world" to receive calendar reminders, access to your contacts and such. 

Why is Apple watch not successful?

I can only guess that other people feel like myself. To read about the features does not convey at all how much you are going to use and love them. 
People think that it is expensive. I feel it´s a steal for all it does. 
If you want to give it a try, my suggestion is to get it from Amazon where you can easily return it and get it at the best price HERE.


I like this feature. As you can see, I chose a simple "face" that shows me the current temperature, date, battery status and fitness info. Maybe you would prefer to see your appointments of the day or something else.

You can also chose any picture you like as the basis. Even a zombie hamster. 

Apple watch is underrated

Apple watch review

Apple watch good and the bad

Interesting applications

There are also some fascinating applications. To pick out one: The music group Massive Attack offers a free music app for Apple Watch. It contains some unreleased tracks and reacts (changes) a) to your heartbeat and b) to the time of the day.

What I don´t like: 

  • I would love the battery to last longer than about 30 hours (with my heavy use). 
  • When I call someone with my watch, the number comes up as "anonymous." 
  • You hate spam even more when it arrives as close as at your arm.
  • As always with Apple - you cannot delete the stock apps. I don´t want a market tracker on my arm. That said: If I were investing in shares, I would appreciate my watch keeping me updated.
Want to try one? Grab it HERE

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